Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Bangkok

Male breast reduction surgery is indicated for men with enlarged breasts, commonly known as Man Boobs, or Moobs, and, contrary to what many people believe, its cause is not just obesity. Men who feel self-conscious about their appearance may be considered for the surgery.

What causes enlarged male breasts?

This condition, (called gynaecomastia) is not just caused by obesity, but like women, men can have abnormal growth of glandular breast tissue, usually caused by an imbalance of hormones. Other causes can also include:

- Drug use, expecially anabolic steroids
- Excessive alcohol intake
- Dramatic weight loss, causing skin sagging
- Some diseases, such as cancer and liver failure
- Congenital (birth) abnormality

Am I suitable for male breast reduction surgery?

If you are self-conscious about your breast size, male breast reduction may be suitable. However, if your breasts are enlarged because of excessive alcohol intake or obesity, you may be able to reduce the size through exercise and diet. Your surgeon will consider the options with you before you embark on breast reduction surgery.

Generally, you will need to be over 18, healthy and within your idea body weight range. Good skin elasticity is also helpful.

Why should I have male breast reduction surgery in Bangkok?

If you are self-conscious about your moobs and don’t want to have to explain to people at home why you are going to hospital, let alone them wondering why your chest is bandaged and tender, then a trip to Bangkok may be a good option for you. It offers discrete services, and the city lots of things to see and do before or after your surgery. Many people return to work within a week so it is certainly feasible to go to Thailand for a 2 week holiday, have your surgery and return home without anyone else at home being any the wiser.

Bangkok’s facilities as far as healthcare goes are excellent. Many are contemporary, well-equipped and staffed by skilled clinicians and ancillary staff who are not only customer-orientated, but efficient and comfortable. Hospital waiting rooms are spacious and pleasant, often with big, comfortable sofas, tables, desks and with free w-fi so you can pass the time catching up with work, people at home, or just entertaining yourself by surfing the ‘net. It is a world away from some of the cramped, overcrowded conditions some of us experience in our hospitals at home.

However, we know looks aren’t everything, so, it is always worth your while doing some checks to make sure that you choose a clinic and surgeon you can trust.

This isn’t always so easy, which is why Medical Departures have done this for you. You’ll want to check out your surgeon’s qualifications and professional memberships – which we do, and list them on our website. You will probably also want to know they have no legal or criminal records relating to misconduct, which we also check. You may also want to know how previous patients have got on – and so we publish real patient testimonials. Finally, it would be handy to have a look at the clinic, yes? We have high definition photos, and virtual video tours, giving you the knowledge to book with confidence.

What is involved in male breast reduction surgery?

The male breast reduction procedure takes around 1-2 hours to complete, and is usually performed under a general anesthetic. Incisions are make around the areola (nipple) and excess fatty tissue may be removed with liposuction. Cuts may extend down the chest from the areola if there is a lot of tissue to remove, and the nipples may be repositioned.

What is the recovery time for male breast reduction surgery?

Post-surgery you can expect to feel tender, stiff and sore around the chest area. Pain medication will be given and you will probably experience numbness and soreness for a week or two. You should be able to return to your daily routine in a few days and most patients go back to work in a week, if your job is not too physical.

Strenuous exercise or activity must be avoided for 4 – 6 weeks, and it is important not to place undue stress on the chest area by lifting, exercise or stretching. You should also refrain from exposing your chest to the sun for 6 months’ as it can affect the pigmentation of the scars. It will take around 6 months’ before all of the swelling has completely subsided, and the full results of the male breast reduction procedure can be seen.

What is the cost of male breast reduction in Bangkok, compared to Australia or New Zealand?

The average cost of male breast reduction in Bangkok is AUD $3,000 compared to the cost in Australia of AUD $6,000.

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