Mommy Makeover in Phuket Province

The Ultimate Guide to Mommy Makeover in Phuket Province

A Mommy Makeover in Phuket can revive your pre-pregnancy figure in the glorious surroundings of this beautiful holiday location.

There's nothing wrong with being conscious about your looks – and being upset when your body doesn’t return to its pre-pregnancy shape, they get upset. If you are one of such mommies who are troubled by their post-pregnancy physique then stop getting upset and plan a mommy makeover that can make you look fabulous again - just as you used to be.

Mommy makeovers are recommended for those moms who have finished having children and cannot get their body into the desired shape by diet and exercise, despite of trying hard. The mommy makeover may include any cosmetic surgery that can make a mom look good after one or multiple pregnancies. The treatment mainly focuses on sagging bellies, breasts lift, labiaplasty and birth marks removal.

Mommy makeovers are quite common among celebrities -  but rest assured that this treatment is not limited to the rich and famous. You can also acquire a successful mommy makeover in Phuket without paying through the nose.

Why get a Mommy Makeover in Phuket?

The mommy makeover in Phuket can give you a perfect chance to gradually get back your pre-pregnancy figure at this beautiful tourist destination.

Phuket is packed with entertainment. You can definitely plan a mommy makeover with a family vacation in this beach city. Clean beaches with snorkelling and scuba, night markets, spas, wildlife rehabilitation facilities and museums are some of the amazing attractions that can keep your family happily engaged during your mommy makeover period.

In Phuket costs of medical treatment, hotel, food and getting around are very affordable as compared to the costs in Australia and New Zealand. Therefore you’ll be getting the procedure at a much lower price while getting the same quality of treatment which is many times more expensive than in your hometown.

At Medical Departures we assist you in getting appointments and selecting the best treatment for your mommy makeover. Our more-than-friendly Customer Care team is always ready to answer your queries regarding the treatment. You can also find a lot of useful information and real patient reviews from our website. You can easily go through the details of international accreditations and qualifications of surgeons before selecting a clinic. The information shared on our website is well scrutinized and reliable and we always try our best to assist you in getting a perfect mommy makeover with the best price guarantee in Phuket.

How does a Mommy Makeover work?

A mommy makeover may include two or three cosmetic procedures to fix your physique. Before surgery, doctors ensure that you are healthy enough to successfully recover after the completion of your mommy makeover. The procedure will be performed under the effect of anaesthesia and you’ll not feel any pain during the process. Strict adherence to your surgeon’s advice is required to get the best results.

How long does the Mommy Makeover procedure take and what is the recovery time?

The duration of the procedure can vary from patient to patient. In general the procedure concludes within two hours. You need complete bed rest for two weeks to complete first stage of recovery. However it is recommended to avoid any sexual activity up to three weeks. Keep in mind that any kind of exertion and lifting heavy things during the recovery period can disturb the healing process.

What is the cost of Mommy Makeover in Phuket compared to Australia and New Zealand?

You can save around 50% on the cost of a Mommy Makeover in Phuket compared to in Australia.

What now?

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