Neck Lift in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Neck Lift in Bangkok

Learn about neck lifts in Bangkok, and find quality-checked surgeons with Medical Departures to help with signs of aging in your neck and jaw.

The expertise available in Bangkok is second-to-none, and the city provides more than enough amenities and facilities for an enjoyable pre or post-surgery break.

Am I suitable for a neck lift?

As we age our skin becomes less elastic and the force of gravity inevitably pulls our faces down. However, other factors may exacerbate this, including those beyond our control, such as genetics, or environmental factors, such as smoking, which we can control.

The neck lift is often used in patients who do not want or need a full facelift, and is particularly relevant for correcting conditions known as ‘turkey’ or ‘wattle neck’.

The procedure can be performed to improve:

- Loose and sagging skin around the neck
- Abnormal contours in the neck causing folds
- Excess fat and loss skin in the lower face causing ‘jowls’
- Excess fat under the chin

It may be performed with other facial rejuvenation procedures, such as eyelid surgery, or with other facial wrinkle treatments.

Why should I have a neck lift in Bangkok?

Widely regarded as a global leader in medical Tourism, Bangkok offers medical tourists a wide array of top-notch healthcare facilities and amenities, in the attractive surroundings of one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Most people are initially attracted to having their neck lift surgery in Bangkok because of the prices – 50% savings are not unusual, especially for travellers from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and Eire.

It isn’t just the cost that should be anybody’s primary reason for choosing one particular surgeon over another. The quality of the care is just as important – especially when it comes to any medical or surgical procedure on your own body. Medicine is an honourable profession in Thailand, and there are a great many well-qualified doctors with the expertise to provide high-quality care.

Comprehensive treatments, using the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology are available throughout Bangkok in world-class hospitals and facilities, which also offer patient-orientated services which are often far superior to the services received in patients’ own home countries.

The ability to have a holiday in an exotic location is an opportunity that appeals to many medical tourists. Bangkok is a major destination in itself, but is also a hub to get to other parts of the country, including stunning beach resorts and the tranquil north.

Searching for your surgeon with Medical Departures equips you with the facts to make an informed decision about your choice. Safe in the knowledge that Medical Departures has already done back-ground checks which include clinic visits, verification of professional memberships, confirmation of qualifications and authenticating these with real patient reviews, you can choose from our website with a degree of certainty that you have chosen a reliable clinic/surgeon.

What is involved in the neck lift procedure?

The neck lift procedure, like many other cosmetic treatments, is tailor-made to suit your particular problems.

It can be done with just liposuction, if you have good elasticity and only fat needs to be removed, for example under the chin.

If you require more extensive contouring to remove folding or turkey neck a full neck lift is indicated. The surgery involves making incisions behind the ears or under the chin, the excess fat removed, loose skin trimmed away and the remaining tissue pulled tight, repositioned and stitched.

What is the recovery time for a neck lift?

Immediately following a neck lift your wounds will be bandages and you may have drains inserted to remove fluid from the wounds. Your neck will most likely feel tight and sore, and there will be bruising, which should dissipate over the next week.

Care instructions will be given to you by your surgeon and it is important to remember that people heal at different rates. You will usually feel well enough to return to work between 1 and 2 weeks after surgery, although you will have to take it easy and not do any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting. You may be advised to sleep with your head in an elevated position for the first couple of weeks. The tightness may take several months to resolve.

What is the cost of a neck lift in Bangkok compared to Australia and New Zealand?

Neck lifts in Bangkok cost approximately AUD $3,000, compared to AUD $6,500 in Australia.

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