The Ultimate Guide to Vaginoplasty

Last fact-checked: 19 March 2020

Vaginoplasty is a now-popular type of surgery performed either to repair the vaginal (usually after childbirth) or to improve the aesthetic appearance after loss of tone and strength, which, again, tends to be a result of having children. It is also used as part of gender confirmation surgery

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Is a Vaginoplasty for Me?

The vaginal muscles expand during childbirth, becoming weakened and looser afterward; for some women, no amount of exercise can help in this case. This can also cause sexual dissatisfaction both for women and their partners and may be a source of embarrassment or frustration.

While a vaginoplasty procedure can be carried out on its own, is it often carried out with other genital procedures, such as labiaplasty, as part of a vaginal rejuvenation/designer vagina procedure. Vaginoplasty is an effective and safe procedure for tightening the vaginal muscles and surrounding tissues, which can have a dramatic effect on a woman’s self-confidence and sex life.

What Is Involved in a Vaginoplasty?

Your surgeon can tighten stretched muscles, ligaments and tissues within the vagina, pelvic floor and perineum by removing excess skin and pulling the remainder tight.

Surgery is typically performed under general anesthetic and takes only about an hour to complete. The stretched muscles at the back of the vagina will be shortened, excess skin removed and joined again with dissolvable stitches. This immediately tightens the surrounding area, decreasing the diameter of the vagina.

Any scars will be internal and, following surgery, the vagina should regain its pre-childbirth tone.

What Is the Recovery Time from a Vaginoplasty?

Fortunately, the vagina tends to be quite forgiving in that it recovers quickly from surgery.

Obviously, you should expect a certain amount of discomfort in the days following your procedure, and the vagina, both internally and in the surrounding external areas, is likely to be swollen and feel a little uncomfortable. You may find it difficult to walk, but you should persevere as this will help to reduce swelling and speed your recovery. You will be given pain medication which should get you through those first few days.

After that, your progress should be quick. Most people return to work after a week – and some find they are able to do so after just a couple of days (depending on the nature of your job). You will need to take things slowly – which means no vigorous exercise, including sexual intercourse for six weeks.

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Is the Cost of Vaginoplasty Abroad Worth it?

Yes, it is - as long as you book wisely. You can easily save 60% on the cost of surgery abroad and many patients are happy to have a few days recovering just by lying by a pool and catching up on their reading. Others – especially those living near a national border, such as residents of the Southern United States – can take a day-trip into Mexico and recuperate afterward at home (or spend a night in Mexico).

There are in fact a lot of options in Mexico and Costa Rica (great for people based in the US and Canada), as well as countries like Thailand and the Philippines which may be more suitable for those based in Asia, Australasia or Europeans heading to Southeast Asia in need of an exotic holiday - or Turkey, which is easy to reach for Brits. 

As an example, the cost of vaginoplasty in Thailand is approximately $3,000 compared to $9,000 in the United States.

How Do I Get Started?

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