Vaginoplasty in Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginoplasty in Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginoplasty in Mexico

Looking for vaginoplasty in Mexico? Choose from quality-checked surgeons with Medical Departures, and save around 50% compared to the prices at home.

Childbirth can lead to loose vaginal muscles, diminishing confidence and sexual pleasure. Vaginoplasty can tighten the vagina as part of a vaginal rejuvenation procedure which is often done in conjunction with other procedures, such as labiaplasty or clitoropexy.

Why get vaginoplasty in Mexico?

Vaginoplasty surgery is popular in Mexico among tourists from First World countries, and because it is so much more affordable here, the number of patients looking for the treatment is on the rise.

Medical tourism is a growing industry in Mexico. Contrary to what some people north of the US-Mexico border perceive about poor quality care, medical tourism is actually about delivering high-quality care, delivered by well-trained and qualified doctors. Many Mexican doctors have taken training in the United States, and often have Mexican and American board memberships, as well as international  professional body affiliations.

Savvy patients from north of the border discovered this long ago and many have been coming to Mexico consistently for all sorts of medical and dental treatments. English is widely spoken, so communication is not an issue; the facilities are often state-of-the-art and equipped with the latest technology and the customer care is generally far better than it is at home.

Mexico, for North Americans, has another bonus – it is relatively quick and easy to get to – especially for residents of the southern US who can often drive to the border. If time is of the essence then being able to travel somewhere reasonably near is a big plus point.

What does the vaginoplasty procedure involve?

Vaginoplasty surgery takes between 1 and 2 hours, and is usually performed under a general anesthetic. The surgery aims to give a similar degree of tightness as the patient had before giving birth, and this is achieved by removing the excess vaginal lining, and tightening the muscles and surrounding soft tissues. Stitches are usually dissolvable.

What is the recovery time for vaginoplasty?

During the days after your surgery, you will experience some soreness and pain, but compared to other surgical procedures it is not particularly painful. You will probably not need to stay in hospital overnight, but make sure there is someone there who can drive you home, or back to your hotel.

You won’t be able to have a bath until the stitches have dissolved, but you will be able to shower after 48 hours. Some people return to work after 3 days, and there is no reason why you can’t, if you feel up to it. You will need to take things easy with regard to vigorous exercise and any strenuous activity, which you should refrain from doing for 6 weeks. You should not have sex during this time either.
What is the cost of vaginoplasty in Mexico compared to the United States and Canada?

The cost of vaginoplasty in Mexico is around $3,000 (CAD $3,700, £2,000 GBP, €2,700, AUD $2,500 compared to $7,000 in the United States (CAD $6,300; £4,500 GBP, €2,600, AUD $3,800)

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