Wrinkle Treatments in Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Wrinkle Treatments in Mexico

Compare wrinkle treatments in Mexico and find out what works for you in the eternal quest to banish signs of aging.

Frown lines, laughter lines, crow’s feet – they’re all normal – but as we get older these once fine lines become progressively deeper forming the dreaded wrinkles. Some lifestyle factors contribute to the appearance of wrinkles, for example smoking and sun exposure, and other factors, such as genetics, which we have no control over. No-one can stop the aging process, but there are ways to minimise the effects of it on our skin.

Now, more than ever, there are so many different ways to treat wrinkles – over-the-counter creams and serums; salon beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery – that it’s difficult to know where to start.

Most wrinkle treatments target the face and neck areas, but many can also be used with good results elsewhere on the body, such as the backs of the hands. Whether you are interested in having surgery to combat wrinkles, or something a little less permanent, you’ll find treatment for wrinkles in Mexico to be considerably less expensive than at home.

What kind of wrinkle treatments are available in Mexico?

As you would expect, all of the wrinkle treatments available at home in terms of surgical and brand names, such as Botox, are all readily available at clinics in Mexico. Roughly, we can group them into surgical and non-surgical treatments:

Surgical Wrinkle Treatments in Mexico:

Cosmetic surgery options include face surgery, and surgery to other parts of the body to alleviate sagging, wrinkly skin, such as body, arm and butt lifts as well as tummy tucks.

Cosmetic facial surgery encompasses a variety of procedures which can target specific problem areas, as well as the whole face. Facelift surgery is probably the most radical of all the surgical options and can either target the whole face (a full facelift - rhytidectomy) or just the lower face. For the eye areas there is the brow lift, and eyelid surgery, to either or both the upper and lower lids (upper and lower blepharoplasty). There is also the option for facial rejuvenation, which is a pick-and-mix of various surgical and non-surgical treatments tailor-made to an individual’s problem areas.

Non-Surgical Wrinkle Treatments in Mexico:

This is a complex area with new treatments and techniques appearing regularly. Most usually target the face and neck areas, although some of these are also effective as wrinkle treatments on other parts of the body.

Broadly, these can be categorized as injectables and skin resurfacing treatments. Injectables include the neurotoxins, such as Botox, and dermal fillers, for example Restylane. Skin resurfacing includes laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, chemical peels and dermal rollering.

Why have wrinkle treatments in Mexico?

Many people travel to Mexico for surgical and non-surgical wrinkle treatments, initially, because of the cost – it is around 50% cheaper.

The key to getting the best treatment for you is to do your homework. Figure out what you are hoping to achieve and research, research, research. Remember that not all wrinkle treatments are effective for all wrinkles, and it is important you know what type of wrinkle responds to a particular treatment. We can’t stress enough that researching is an important factor in finding a reputable clinician and/or surgeon to help you achieve the look you are after, safely. You can do this by checking their qualifications and professional registrations and memberships. Many Mexican doctors have trained in the US too, and often have membership of the American Boards.

At Medical Departures we pre-check our clinics and doctors, paying visits and verifying qualifications and professional memberships, as well as legal and criminal records. We simply do not list anyone we would not feel happy about going to ourselves. You can check out the doctors under each individual clinic listing, alongside real patient review and high-definition photos of the clinics.

What are the costs of wrinkle treatments in Mexico compared to the Unites States and Canada?

Wrinkle treatment prices start are as low as a couple of hundred dollars for Botox in Mexico, up to around $6,500 for a full facelift (making for substantial savings on the US price of $15,000).

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