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If you have always wanted more conventional looking eyelids with a crease in the middle, then the Thailand double eyelid surgery cost will make it tempting. Many people of Asian descent have monolids and some may have always wanted to get the double eyelid surgery done for a number of reasons. This surgery, also known as Asian blepharoplasty, is performed all over the world.


Why choose Thailand for double eyelid surgery?


Thailand has excellent and high quality medical centers located at popular holiday destinations. So you can easily combine a holiday with your medical travel. Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai are only some of the buzzing holiday spots that have top of the line cosmetic clinics that do double eyelid surgery. You can enjoy a holiday, see the Thai tourist and cultural attractions, take pleasure in shopping and have the delicious Thai cuisine and go back home looking and feeling better.


The amenities and ambience of these medical centers rival the facilities in any part of the world, but you pay only a fraction of the cost for the surgery. This is because the cost of living in this country is relatively low, so you pay a great deal less for medical, surgical and cosmetic procedures that are not covered by medical insurance.


What is the actual Thailand double eyelid surgery cost?


In Australia you pay around AU$5500 (NZD45746, £3159, €3620, US$403, CAD$5487) for double eyelid surgery and the price is similar in other advanced countries. However, in Thailand, you pay an average of AU$3655 (NZD$3819, £2100, €2406, US$2700, CAD$3648). This includes all the costs associated with the surgery including operation theatre and anesthesia charges, cost of medicines and even follow up visits as required.


The rate may vary somewhat and depend on the exact location and the medical center you go to. It may also depend on your medical condition and personal requirements and whether or not it is done as an outpatient procedure or you prefer to stay overnight at the center. You will know the exact double eyelid surgery cost after a consultation with the doctor.


Good quality medical clinics in Thailand


Tanaporn Clinic – has different high quality branches offering a range of cosmetic treatments in Thailand. Established in 2002, the clinic has a team of dedicated plastic surgeons and cosmetologists offering a wide range of treatments and procedures.

Absolute Beauty Clinic – offers a large number of cosmetic treatments and surgeries that will improve your skin, your features and your body so that you look and feel more confident.

Punnisa Clinic – this clinic offers plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments and even spa therapies and the doctors work to ensure utmost patient satisfaction with their treatments.

Vplast Clinic – doctors work at combining science and art for best results to enhance facial and body features. You can get plastic surgeries as well as non- invasive cosmetic treatments done here.

Vis Clinic – the plastic surgeon at this clinic is registered with the Medical Board of Australia and has over 14 years of experience. The clinic offers all kinds of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments.


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