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All You Need To Know About Bangkok Breast Augmentation Packages

Every year, thousands of women travel to Thailand as medical tourists to benefit from affordable breast augmentation surgery in Bangkok. Thailand is a hotspot for female tourists from Australia and New Zealand who are seeking different kinds of cosmetic procedures that are very expensive in their home countries. In this article, we provide you an overview of the best Bangkok breast augmentation packages so you can have an idea of what this procedure costs.

Bangkok Breast Augmentation Price is Very Reasonable

While the demand for breast augmentation is increasing in countries like Australia and New Zealand, the cost of this procedure in these places is sky-high. That is where medical tourism comes in, connecting patients and doctors across borders and giving people access to cheap but reliable healthcare in countries like Thailand. Plastic surgery is among the most popular procedures to have as a medical tourist as thousands of dollars can be saved by traveling abroad.


How Much Will You Actually Pay?

Only your hospital can tell you what your procedure will ultimately cost, but we can give you an idea of typical Bangkok breast augmentation prices. On average, breast augmentation costs around AUD 15,500 and NZD 16,500 in Australia and New Zealand respectively. However, in Thailand, its costs around AUD 6700, NZD 7200. In other words, you are saving more around 60% on breast enlargement if you take a flight to Bangkok!

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Many tourists have inhibitions regarding Asian business ethics. It is often said that tourists are over-charged for everything in countries like Bangkok. However, the medical tourism works in the complete opposite manner. Not only are you being charged lower rates for complex procedures like plastic surgery, but Indonesian hospitals are also very upfront about the actual cost of breast implants in Bangkok. Of course, you will only be given the exact costs when you end up at medical facility, but even when it comes to providing estimates, Bangkok hospitals are more prompt than Australian hospitals.

You will notice this fact when you are reading Bangkok breast augmentation reviews. You will also notice that Bangkok hospitals do not shy away from honest reviews. They are willing to provide their prices and also show Bangkok breast augmentation before and after pictures so that medical tourists feel more confident towards in traveling to their country and using their services.

What Keeps Medical Costs Low in Bangkok?

Many assume that the prices are not low because the medical services are of a poor quality. Nothing can be further from the truth. Bangkok plastic surgeons are highly experienced with many who have received some or all of their training overseas. In other words, you are paying less for the same quality of treatment and after-care that you can expect in countries like Australia.

So go online and search for Bangkok breast augmentation packages, and you can be sure to find highly affordable surgery costs even at the best hospitals in Thailand.

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