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Thousands of Australians have breast implants in Thailand every year and with good reason! The country is home to many JCI-accredited hospitals and talented surgeons offering expert care, but even better news is the low prices for cosmetic procedures. As soon as people understand that having breast implants in Thailand is safe , they also realise that they can easily cut their plastic surgery bill in half by traveling to this intriguing and welcoming destination.

Breast implants are the most popular cosmetic surgery in Australia , so it makes sense that this type of surgery is widely available at Thai hospitals and clinics. Medical tourism is taken seriously in Thailand, with local doctors and nurses working hard to bolster their image internationally. The competition between clinics not only helps to keep the quality of care high, but it drives down prices too.

The Price of Breast Enlargement: Thailand vs Australia

You probably already know that in Thailand breast enlargement costs far less than in Australia, but just how much can you save? Time to compare the costs to show the plain truth about just how affordable breast implants are in Thailand.

The average price for breast implant surgery at clinics in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane comes to roughly $16,500. Now consider the usual price for breast implants at clinics across Thailand, which comes to around $7,200. Thus, the average saving for Australian patients who have breast enlargement surgery in Thailand is over $9,000, more than enough to justify a trip, even when the costs of airfare and accommodations are factored in.

Preparing for Surgery and Taking Care During the Recovery Period

Even when you have decided 100% to have breast implants, it is important to understand the impact breast implants have on your health . Read as much as you can about the procedure so that you know exactly what to expect when you arrive in Thailand. Although it is true that implants can boost your confidence and leave you feeling more comfortable with your appearance, but you must be realistic about the results you wish to achieve.

You simply cannot go from a very small cup size to a very large one. Increasing the size of your breasts must be done gradually. If you do want much larger breasts than you currently have, it is almost certain that you will have to undergo surgery more than once. Also, be aware that some scarring will be left on your skin when the incisions for inserting the implants are made, although over time these will become very light and barely noticeable.

Once surgery is complete, it is imperative that you take it easy. Kicking back in a luxury (and comparatively low-cost) Thai resort spa is a common option. Be aware that swimming or sunbathing should be avoided. The incisions made on your breasts need time to heal, so getting them wet or exposing them to sunshine will be frowned upon by your doctor!

Spending some downtime in a cool and dry environment is best, read a book, binge-watch a TV series, or enjoy some other sedentary activity. When you return to the clinic within a week to have your stitches removed, your doctor will inspect how well your body is healing. If your job is fairly inactive, you might be able to return after your stitches are out, but it is best to plan for two weeks off work.

If you are itching to get back in the gym then make sure you fight the urge! Partaking in any strenuous activity before you have completely healed is not a good idea. It is likely that you will need to wait between three to six weeks before getting back to sports and arduous workouts, so just enjoy the time off to avoid putting yourself at risk.

Read Reviews of Thai Breast Implants at Medical Departures

For every patient getting ready to have breast implants in Thailand, reviews of treatment can prove to be invaluable. You can learn so much from past patients who share their experience of having plastic surgery at a Thai clinic. These reviews are also an excellent resource to help you choose the right place to undergo your treatment and the right surgeon to carry it out, so read as many as you can before making a decision.

Where to Get the Best Breast Enlargement Treatment in Thailand

You will find dozens of vetted Thai hospitals and clinics here at Medical Departures, and a full price list is included for each one. Where you decide to have your breast implants is ultimately up to you. As a start, you may wish to check out the following three excellent medical centres, each has a 5-star rating for patient satisfaction.

A top clinic in the Thai capital, Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre has been helping international patients enhance their appearance for over a decade. Staffed by talented bilingual doctors, many of whom studied at the prestigious King’s College London in the United Kingdom, you can expect expert care from the moment you step inside the door. Almost 200 verified past patients have written about how happy they are with their treatment here, which includes everything from breast implants to facelifts.

F Clinic offers high-quality breast implants at its four branches across Bangkok, and our favourite of the four is in the Nana Nuea neighbourhood. One of the talented plastic surgeons working here is Dr. Siwat Luanruksa, who can also speak English fluently. This clinic sailed through our four-part review, which includes verification of their medical license, a premises inspection, quality of care survey, and an online reputation check, to become a Medical Departures Verified Clinic.

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital is one of Thailand’s biggest medical centres, and an excellent choice for any Australian patient wanting safe breast implant surgery at an affordable price. The English-speaking doctors here have plenty of experience in treating medical tourists, so you can expect excellent care and service throughout every stage of your procedure. More than 150 reviews have been left by happy patients, and this JCI-accredited hospital is also a Medical Departures Global Patients’ Choice Award winner.


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Setting up an appointment at F Clinic, Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre, or Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital takes just a few short minutes. Head to the page of your preferred clinic and press the orange ‘Book Consultation’ button in the top right corner. All you need to do now is choose a suitable date and time, select breast implants as the treatment you want, and then add your name and contact details so we can get in touch with you.

Shortly after your appointment request, you can expect to receive a confirmation to let you know that everything has been arranged. If for any reason you need to change your appointment date or time, just let us know at least 24 hours beforehand. We can reschedule your appointment for at no charge.

Breast implants and all other treatments booked through Medical Departures are covered by our Best Price Guarantee, so you can expect us to match any lower price you can find online. If there is anything more you need to know about having breast enlargement surgery in Thailand, or you need assistance to make your booking, please call our Customer Care Team.


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