Is IVF in Bangkok a good idea?


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Are you at the end of your tether and desperate for a baby? You have tried everything but you are not getting pregnant and you have been advised to undergo IVF treatment, which can be expensive. In Bangkok, IVF treatment is affordable. You can have as many cycles as required and you can be certain that the doctors are fertility experts and that the clinics use the latest technology to help women get pregnant. You also get to go to an exotic destination that is easily accessible thanks to its large international airport, serviced by major airlines, and its visa-friendly policy.


How successful is IVF in Bangkok?


Like other places Bangkok has a standard success rate of IVF treatment that depends on the age of the woman and the number of cycles required to achieve successful outcomes. Statistically, the chance of a woman below 35 years of age conceiving at the first attempt is 29 percent, but more cycles result in a greater chance of success. But these are statistics and there women who conceive in the first attempt if all goes well.


In vitro fertilization can help women who have trouble with their fallopian tubes or uterus. In case the man has a low sperm count or even if there is no specific reason for the infertility, IVF can also be used. Fertility clinics typically offer various solutions including donor sperm, donor eggs, genetic testing and even sex selection.


Some of the advantages of going for IVF in Bangkok


Bangkok is bustling, capital city of Thailand, which has an advanced medical tourism infrastructure. It has many hospitals and medical centers including specialty infertility clinics or departments in large hospitals. For instance in Phyathai 2 IVF is done using advanced reproductive technology including sperm retrieval and even embryo freezing.


The hospital offers gynecology, obstetrics and pregnancy care apart from a full range of medical treatments. It has experienced endocrinologists and infertility specialists as well as using the latest imaging and diagnostic machines that are used to treat infertility. You can enjoy a holiday or some time out in Bangkok also since IVF treatment is over in a short time, though you do have to make several visits.


What is the Bangkok IVF treatment cost?


For in vitro n fertilization, Bangkok offers privacy and high quality care at an affordable rate. While treatment may be covered by insurance in some countries for a certain number of cycles, you may not have insurance or be eligible for government sponsored IVF for any number of reasons, including age, the physical problems you have and the like. And each cycle, if done in your country of residence, can be quite expensive.


In Bangkok IVF treatment cost is very affordable. You can pay an average of US$7,000 (CAD8,879, £5,373, €5,938, AUD8,853, NZD9,521) for IVF treatment. In your home country you can pay around US$12,000 (CAD15,221, £9,212, €10,179, AUD15,176, NZD16,321) which is a lot of money.


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