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Bangkok Rhinoplasty Cost Makes Surgery Affordable for Medical Tourists

While most people think of going to Bangkok to see a floating market or a Buddhist temple, Bangkok is increasingly becoming a hub for medical tourists especially from Australia and New Zealand. They come here for a variety of reasons from saving on their dental procedures to benefiting from an affordable Bangkok rhinoplasty cost. Here we provide an overview of what it costs to have a nose job in Bangkok, and some of the best hospitals you can go to.

Top 3 Hospitals in Bangkok for Rhinoplasty

While there is no specific criteria that makes a hospital “the absolute best”, but there are some major factors that differentiate world-class clinics from low-quality ones. These include accreditation, experience in the industry, and the expertise of the doctors employed. The following hospitals shine brilliantly across these criteria.

1. Yanhee Hospital Health and Beauty

This hospital was created in 1984 and continues to be one of the most reputed hospitals in the country. Offering affordable rhinoplasty cost in Bangkok, this hospital is a popular choice for overseas patients. In fact, most of its business comes through referrals. This was also one of the first hospitals to be accredited by the Joint Comission International (JCI).

2.Nirunda & Cellport Thailand Clinic

This hospital opened its doors in 2007 and has built a team of the best plastic surgeons in Bangkok . These surgeons are highly qualified, many having received their training in Western countries. This ensures that patients receive the same quality of treatment as they would in their own country.

3.Phyathai 2 International Hospital

This clinic was also launched in 1980s and today it has grown as an international, state-of-the-art medical facility catering to thousands of out patients at a time at an affordable cost of rhinoplasty in Bangkok.


The Average Cost of Rhinoplasty in Bangkok

All of these are highly reputed and accredited clinics competing for the lowest Bangkok rhinoplasty price. Rhinoplasty can cost up to AUD $12,600. But at the Yanhee hospital, for instance, you can get a nose implant in one day for under AUD $1900 and NZD $2100. At the Pyathai 2 International Hospital, you can go for a 2-day open rhinoplasty for around ADU $5000 and NZD $5400. In other words, you can expect to save 50% of your local medical costs if you reside in Australia or New Zealand.


Note: These clinics, and others in Bangkok as well, regularly feature holiday exclusive packages for overseas patients. This further enables you to reduce your rhinoplasty cost in Bangkok.

What Keeps Medical Prices Low in Bangkok?

There are several factors that can explain why medical costs are lower in Thailand as compared to Australia. The lower cost of running a practice is one of the reasons. Competition among private hospitals to attract overseas patients also keeps prices low. One thing is certain, that prices are not lower because of low standard of medical care.


Find out more from Medical Departures’ Customer Service team about surgery in Bangkok. Rhinoplasty costs are, of course, much lower, but so too are accommodation costs and everyday living costs, so Bangkok is certainly a viable option if savings are your main goal. Ask us for a free quote and plan your trip.

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