Top 5 Reasons To Visit The Rajdhevee Clinic in Pattaya


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Pattaya’s excellent cosmetic clinic can allow you to transform your appearance and save money, all while having a great holiday. Let's discover the top five reasons for a visit.

1. Previous Patients Love It

The biggest determiner, of the quality of any business, is what its customers think. In this case, it is the patients of the Rajdhevee Clinic. Check out the reviews on our clinic pages from previous patients, which can go toward your research for establishing the reliability of a clinic or doctor.

2. The Transformations Are Legendary

The cosmetic professionals at the Rajdhevee Clinic can undertake amazing transformations of your skin. No surgery is needed, just the precise administration of Botox or dermal fillers. This can effectively remove lines, wrinkles, creases, and other side effects of aging. The result is a much more youthful appearance. Have a look at Rajdhevee Clinic before and after (Pattaya branch) photos, so that you can appreciate what we mean. These are displayed on the clinic’s page on our website.

3. The Clinic Is High Tech

The Rajdhevee Clinic is a very modern medical facility. It meets all international standards and is staffed by top doctors and cosmetic professionals. Basically, you will feel like you're visiting a top cosmetic clinic at home as the quality is exactly the same.


4. The Prices Are Very Competitive

While spending money on your holiday, you can also save money by getting your cosmetic treatment done in Pattaya rather than at home. Everything is much cheaper in Thailand, medical treatment included.

You will find that you will be paying around 50% less than what you would at home. For example, Botox cost around $20AUD/$22NZD per unit in Australia and New Zealand, but only $12AUD/$13NZD in Pattaya. With most areas requiring 10-20 units to achieve the right effect, you can easily save a couple of hundred dollars. If you undertake more extensive treatment to multiple areas, you can even save over a thousand dollars. Similar savings can also be experienced for dermal fillers.

This is why we recommend taking advantage of the low Rajdhevee Clinic price. Pattaya will then allow you to have a great holiday while also saving money, that can be better spent elsewhere.

5. You Will Also Have A Great Holiday

The Rajdhevee Clinic is located in one of the most popular locations in Thailand. You have the beach right next door as well as some of the world’s greatest nightlife at your fingertips. Whatever your interests, you are assured to be entertained while in this exciting city.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these top five reasons have sparked your interest. Start off by reading a Rajdhevee Clinic review. If you’re looking for plastic surgery in Pattaya, then this clinic is loved by its previous patients and hopefully, you will be the next one.