Body Lift in Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide to Body Lift in Malaysia

Last fact-checked: 26 September 2020

When diet and exercise aren't having an effect on loose skin and stubborn fat tissue, body lift surgery may be the only answer. In Malaysia, it's possible to undergo this procedure for around 70% less than what clinics in the West charge—plus, you can enjoy a break in this exotic destination before surgery and still fly home having made substantial net savings. 

Malaysia offers world-class facilities, English-speaking doctors and prices that are considerably lower than at home. With Medical Departures, you can find and book with background-checked clinics while getting the best price available online

Is a Body Lift Right for Me?

If you have lost skin tone due to aging, gravity or other factors, a body lift may be the answer you are looking for. It will help you achieve a more toned figure by tightening and smoothing out the skin—enabling you to wear the clothes you want with confidence and flaunt your new beach body!

To be a suitable candidate, it is recommended that you have tried losing weight with diet and exercise—although in cases of dramatic weight loss (normally after bariatric surgery), both you and your doctor will already know that your excess skin isn't going to budge naturally. You should also be in good general health, not be planning to become pregnant and have realistic expectations about the surgery, particularly the fact that this is not a weight-loss procedure. 

Why Consider a Body Lift in Malaysia?

As well as being a magnet for medical travelers, Malaysia is a popular tourist destination in its own right, with millions of people every year stopping over in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, for at least a few days thanks to its strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia.

The country is reachable with direct flights from Australia, New Zealand as well as most major cities in Asia and Europe. It has a good climate all year round and boasts numerous tourist sites of historical and cultural interest. Most people in Malaysia are comfortable speaking English, so you will not face communication problems—especially with your surgeon and medical staff. It is also home to vast shopping malls, entertainment is available into the small hours and you get a huge variety of cuisines ranging from fine dining options to hawker stalls.

It is possible to enjoy a holiday in Malaysia before your body lift surgery and then recuperate in a luxury yet affordable hotel for some time after the surgery. 

Why Not Book on My Own for Body Lift Surgery in Malaysia?

When you are unfamiliar with a country, it can be tricky to navigate the plethora of likewise unfamiliar choices when searching online—not to mention all the potentially false or outdated information. 

If you book through Medical Departures, you are assured of the fact that we have quality-checked all of the hospitals and clinics listed on our site. Our team verifies the accreditations of the staff and doctors' experience and qualifications. Many of our facility listings are Joint Commission International-accredited, and you can see this information together with past patient reviews, photos, price tables and surgeon profiles on our site. 

How Long Does Body Lift Surgery Take and What Is the Recovery Period?

For a whole body lift, excess skin will need to be removed from various parts of the body including the arms, legs, torso, buttocks, groin—essentially wherever there is extra loose skin. During your initial consultation, you and the surgeon will decide upon the fine details of the surgery.

The surgery can take upwards of three hours and may take as much as five hours or more in extreme cases. You may be advised to have the surgery completed in one session or different sections attended to at various times.

After the surgery, which will be performed under general anesthesia, you will be asked to wear special compression garments and have drains to remove excess fluids for several days. You may spend one or two nights in hospital and recovery will take four to six weeks. Final results will take up to three months, but you will be able to resume normal activities after a month or so.

How Much Can I Save on a Body Lift Surgery in Malaysia?

Depending on the extent of work required, patients can make huge savings on the price of this procedure due to the fact that it can be incredibly expensive in Western countries and rarely covered by insurance.

For instance, in Australia, body lift surgery may cost between AUD $20,000 to AUD $25,000. In Malaysia, you can expect to pay around AUD $5,000.

To see updated prices, as well as photos, surgeon profiles, patient reviews and location maps, check out these top clinics in Malaysia that offer body lift surgery:

How Do I Book?

Search our full listings in Malaysia and compare prices and facilities.

To make an appointment, see below for booking options or contact the Medical Departures Customer Care Team who will be happy to help and answer your questions. Feel free to ask about our best price guarantee or other services, such as financing and insurance. 


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