Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Philippines

The Ultimate Guide to Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Philippines

A Brazilian butt lift in the Philippines will add fat to your butt and give you better looking and uplifted butt cheeks – but for far less than you’ll pay at home. As an added bonus, since fat is removed from other parts of your body (usually above and below the butt, the thighs and abdomen) you will have better contours all round. And since it is your own body fat that is used, there are reduced chances of rejection or any other problems. Plus, if you have symmetry problems on your butt cheeks, your doctor will make your butt cheeks more symmetrical.

This surgical enhancement of your butt will give you a sexy figure that you can show off in swimsuits, tight jeans and other fitting clothes. If your bust size is good enough and your figure is otherwise fine, but you have a flat butt then the BBL, as it is popularly called, will give you a more proportionate figure.

Why consider Brazilian butt lift in the Philippines?

The Philippines is a premier medical tourism destination in south East Asia. It is reasonably priced for medical and cosmetic procedures since the cost of living here is relatively low. You can select from many places in the country, all of which have excellent medical facilities. You can check out Manila, which is the country capital, or visit other places like Cebu and enjoy the beaches.

You can get a flight to most places in the country from Australia or you may need to take local transport to your destination if there is no international airport. You can also good package deals on hotels of all kinds, ranging from luxury ones to budget accommodations. As a medical tourist you can enjoy the care and comfort in good quality hospitals and medical centers.

Why can’t you simply book on your own?

As the Philippines has numerous medical centers and hospitals in different locations, you will be spoilt for choice. However, when you book on your own, you will not be able to check on the actual qualifications of the doctors and the kind of place you book. You really don’t want to have a bad surgical experience, which can happen if the doctor is not skilled or experienced.

On the other hand, when you book through Medical Departures, you minimize your risk and still pay much less.  That is because we conduct a detailed investigation of the qualifications, accreditations and experience of the doctors that work at the clinics and hospitals we list on our website.  We also ensure that the amenities at the places are of an equal standard as you are used to and they follow international treatment protocols. 

How long does Brazilian butt lift take and what is the estimated recovery period?

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is a two step procedure since it involves liposuction and then injection of the refined fat. First the doctor has to do the liposuction from the areas that have the required fat. This can take some time. Then the fat has to be processed and refined and a percentage has to be injected back into the marked areas of the butt. The whole process can take three to six hours. Your doctor may prefer local sedation or general anesthesia depending on his or her preferences and your health.

Post surgery you will have considerable swelling and bruising. You may also need drains. You will have bandages and need to use compression garments for four to six weeks to help the liposuctioned areas back to shape. You will need to avoid sitting on your butt for several weeks, and sleep on your stomach. Final results may take up to three months as initially you will have normal swelling that will reduce. You will need at least two weeks off from work.

What is the cost of Brazilian butt lift?

A Brazilian butt lift in the Philippines can cost between AUD 2,500 and AUD 6,000. For the same procedure you would pay between AUD 8,000 to AUD 12,000 in Australia.

What now?

For a Brazilian butt lift in the Philippines book with Medical Departures without any apprehensions. Our customer care team will help you with the booking process and answer all your questions. Look below for ways to contact us and confirm your booking at one of our quality-checked clinics