Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

The Ultimate Guide to Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Last fact-checked: 15 November 2021

With a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) abroad, you can achieve a rounder, fuller look while saving up to 70% at one of our fully-verified global BBL clinics.

Now one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world, finding safe, affordable and reliable care in attractive destinations like Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, Costa Rica and the Philippines is made easy with Medical Departures.

In this guide, discover how a BBL can help you, what the procedure entails, recovery and safety considerations, international price comparisons—plus surgeon and clinic recommendations for prospective patients seeking a money-saving medical holiday of a lifetime.

What Is a BBL?

A Brazilian butt lift, now commonly known as a BBL, is a type of plastic surgery that uses a fat transfer technique to harvest adipose tissue (fat cells) from a donor site of the body which is then injected into the buttocks to create a fuller look.

According to a recent survey from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the BBL is currently one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures, aided in no small part by “celebrity culture” (we’re looking at you, Kylie and Kim), social media trends and an overall greater acceptance in body diversity.

Another factor that has allowed more people to safely undergo BBL surgery is the lower prices available abroad; this is thanks to the same success rates as back home, as well as increased patient confidence in the state-of-the-art facilities and world-class buttock augmentation specialists practising internationally.

Brazilian butt lift (BBL)

Advantages of BBL Surgery Abroad:

  • If you don’t have volume (or enough of it) in your glutes, then a Brazilian butt lift will help you achieve a fuller, more voluptuous figure.

  • BBLs aren’t just about “bigger is better:” many patients opt for a natural size, benefitting from a minimal amount of fat transfer that simply creates a more contoured, rounder and projected look.

  • Patients who feel self-conscious about their body report that they feel more confident and sexier wearing a wider variety of clothes, such as skinny jeans, swimwear, body-hugging tops, tight-fitting dresses—or nothing at all!

  • It’s a two-in-one procedure: with lipo and the butt lift, you can get more volume where you want and less where you don’t, such as around the tummy, arms or thighs.

  • Compared to prices in the US, the UK, EU and Australia, the cost of a BBL abroad is between 50% and 70% less.

  • You’ll have the chance to enjoy a host of exciting holiday activities in your chosen destination before undergoing surgery.

  • After the procedure is complete, you can spend the next few days recovering and recuperating in the comfort of a hotel or resort while still enjoying the food, hospitality, culture and usually-warm climate in a range of destinations.

What Is the Difference Between a BBL and a Traditional Butt Lift?

A traditional butt lift should not be confused with the Brazilian butt lift technique. Note the main differences:

  • A traditional lift is used to remove excess skin and fat tissue, creating a smoother, more pert-looking bum without adding any volume.

  • A BBL does not involve the removal of any loose, sagging skin; rather, it is only designed to help patients achieve a fuller appearance.

If patients looking to undergo a BBL do have excess, sagging skin, in some cases the fat transfer technique will help “fill out” the glutes, contouring the skin on its own. In other cases, a traditional butt lift technique can also be combined with a BBL to remove sagging skin before the fat transfer technique is applied.

Find out more with Medical Departures’ Ultimate Guide to Butt Lift Surgery here.

Note on Other Combined Cosmetic Surgeries:

While technically possible, doctors generally advise that BBL procedures should not be carried out in combination with other surgeries (other than a minor butt lift). Those seeking a full mommy makeover involving a tummy tuck, breast lift and liposuction should, if so desired, get their BBL done separately following a complete recovery.

Am I Suitable for a BBL?

Both men and women who are in generally good health may be considered for a BBL. An ideal candidate would be an individual who:

  • Is not obese (BMI under 30).

  • Has sufficient excess weight around another part of the body to be used as part of the fat transfer.

  • Is not currently gaining or losing a significant amount of weight.

  • Actually can benefit from the surgery; a good doctor should advise against this surgery if a prospective patient already has a significant volume around the gluteal area.

  • Is not still in recovery from another surgery.

  • Understands the risks associated with BBL, as outlined further down this page.

  • Does not have a serious medical condition that could potentially cause complications associated with general anesthesia.

If you are unsure about your suitability, talk to your local GP back home or get in touch with one of our representatives. The Medical Departures team is ready to set up a virtual consultation and evaluation with a prospective surgeon abroad over Skype or Zoom. Just have your medical history at the ready and be totally honest when discussing any issues or use of medication.

How Long Does a BBL Take?

Brazilian butt lifts can take anywhere from two to five hours, depending on the amount of fat being transferred. The average time is approximately three hours.

Expect to be at the surgical clinic or hospital for a good part of the day; the additional time will involve further consultation and preparation, administering the chosen anaesthesia option and a few hours of post-surgery monitoring before getting the green light to travel back to your accommodation.

In the cases where the BBL is performed on an inpatient basis, plan to stay overnight at the medical center or hospital for monitoring.

What Does a Typical BBL Procedure Entail?

The main steps of a BBL procedure are summarized below:

  • During your initial preoperative consultation, the doctor will carry out examinations and evaluations before confirming how best to proceed. The amount of fat, as well as the area (donor site) from which it is harvested, will be decided upon at this time. This is typically the flank, abdomen, thighs or upper arms.

  • This surgery is most commonly carried out under general anaesthesia administered by a fully-licensed anesthesiologist; for minor procedures where only a small amount of skin is removed, you may be given a combination of local anaesthesia with IV sedation.

  • Once you’re sedated, fat is harvested from a predetermined site on the body via liposuction, usually from the thighs, flank, abdomen, arms any other suitable place where there are fat deposits. To extract the fat cells, different liposuction techniques may be used such as direct excision, suction-assisted liposuction and syringe hand aspiration; the technique may be assisted by liquid-jet, laser energy or ultrasound pulses.

  • To separate the fat cells from any blood and other fluids collected via liposuction, special equipment is used by the surgical team. This purification process is done outside of the body while the patient is still asleep.

  • The next step is for the injected fat to be transferred to the gluteal area in order to add volume. Small amounts of harvest adipose tissue solution are injected into the area being treated.

  • To complete the procedure, the area is bandaged and you will be given a compression garment to wear to help reduce swelling.

Also to note:

  • In some cases where a larger volume of fat is being transferred, the procedure may involve more than one session.

  • BBLs can be performed on an outpatient basis at an accredited surgical clinic or at a hospital as an inpatient, which usually involves one overnight stay.

  • You will be asked to stay in the locale for at least a week post-surgery for one or more follow-up appointments.

Other Types of Buttock Augmentation & Enhancement Surgery

In some cases, buttock implant surgery may not be a viable option for those seeking added volume as they may lack enough viable fat deposits to carry out the transfer technique.

However, a Brazilian butt lift is not the only type of buttock augmentation; other techniques include:

  • Sculptra® butt lift—filler injections

  • Hydrogel and silicone buttock injections—a non-invasive procedure providing temporary results.

  • Silicone implants

  • Saline buttock enhancement (injections)

BBL Post-Op Recovery

  • Expect to feel tender, sore and a little stiff after the surgery; a course of painkillers prescribed by the medical team abroad will help ease any discomfort.

  • You may be given a type of compression garment to wear for several weeks or months; this will help ease the swelling and speed up recovery.

You will need to lie in your stomach rather than sit down for at least three days, and sometimes for up to 10 for extensive BBLs.

  • Make sure you have a soft cushion or memory foam pillow to use when you eventually can sit down. There are now also specialised BBL pillows available to buy.

  • Most patients are able to return home after a few days, depending on whether a long flight is involved (in which case it could be a week).

  • Most people find they can return to work after around two weeks, depending on the type of job.

  • As sitting upright for long periods of time can be detrimental to your recovery process, it might be a good idea to consult your manager, requesting a work-from-home period, if applicable.

  • Although you cannot sit, you will be encouraged to get back on your feet as soon as you can, as light walking can also help to reduce swelling and promote the healing process.

  • It may take up to two weeks before you can manage everyday tasks, and two months more before you can partake in any vigorous exercise or activity.

A full recovery can take several months.

How Much Does a BBL Cost Abroad?

The table below shows estimated BBL price averages in three of the world’s most popular countries for buttock augmentations, namely Turkey, Mexico and Thailand:


Average BBL Price (in USD)

Average BBL Price (in GBP)

Average BBL Price (in EUR)



 £3,200  €3,800


$3,900  £2,900  €3,400


$4,700  £3,500  €4,100

Please note: These are average price estimates; feel free to connect with our Customer Care Team for a personalized, no-obligation quote.

How Much Can I Save on BBL Surgery Compared to Prices in the US and UK?

Putting an average price tag on BBL surgery in the UK and US, as well as our global partner clinics, can be difficult as several factors can significantly influence overall costs.

Depending on where you live, the reputation of your chosen clinic, the amount of fat being transferred and whether the procedure is being performed on an inpatient/outpatient basis, a BBL in the West can cost anywhere between $7,000– $30,000.

Below, find the average price estimates of treatment in the US and UK compared to prices in Mexico and Turkey, respectively.

  • On average, BBL surgery in the US costs: $12,000–$17,000

  • On average, BBL surgery in Mexico costs: $3,900

  • This gives patients a saving of: 66%80%

  • On average, BBL surgery in the UK costs: £8,000–£10,000

  • On average, BBL surgery in Turkey costs:  £3,200

  • This gives patients a saving of: 6070%

As you can see, patients booking their BBL surgery abroad through Medical Departures save between 50% and 70% compared to prices in the UK, EU, US or Australia.

Best Global Clinics for BBL Procedures

Take a look at Medical Departures’ top-rated BBL clinics and hospitals in Turkey, Mexico and Thailand below:


>> All BBL clinics in Turkey


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Other clinics listings by country:

Risks of BBL Surgery

Due to the fact that a BBL procedure combines two different surgical techniques (liposuction and fat transfer), while also being carried out under general anaesthesia, it is considered one of the riskiest types of plastic surgery. Such potential complications include infection, blood clots, and fluid collection.

Thus, it is all the more important to carefully vet your butt lift specialist, regardless of where in the world you are undergoing surgery.

In the vast majority of cases where something does go wrong, there are red flags that patients don’t see. For example, surgeons may not hold the appropriate licenses to carry out the procedure (or worse, had their license revoked) or they may not be board members of professional associations, such as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), as well as domestic medical and surgical councils in their respective countries.

As we explain in the next section, all this information is independently gathered and verified by Medical Departures, thus reducing potential butt lift risks and complications.

Why Book with Medical Departures?

While BBL surgery might seem relatively common nowadays, with tens of thousands of buttock augmentation procedures taking place every year in the US alone, things can go wrong.

To minimize the associated risks as previously described, as well as lessen the chances of any complications or adverse side-effects, you want to have 100% confidence in your choice of clinic and surgeon abroad. This is where Medical Departures comes in. We make it our job to give you that greater peace of mind thanks to our stringent due diligence processes and background checks on all medical and dental facilities listed on our site.

We take the pain out of the booking process and always verify all the information we put on our website. We always check the medical details and accreditations of every single doctor, the facilities at the medical centres and a host of other aspects so as to reduce potential risks.

Medical Departures is the largest international medical and dental travel agency, and more than 100,000 people have used our site (or friendly Customer Care Team) to find and book safe, affordable treatment abroad.

When booking with us, you are also ensured of:

  • 24/7 customer support before, during and after your treatment.

  • Our Best Price Guarantee pledge.

  • Ongoing promotions so you can save even more during your medical trip.

  • The ability to cancel your appointment for free, any time up to 24 hours before.

  • No upfront charges when you book

How Do I Book?

First, take your time to look through our list of 100 BBL surgeons and clinics around the world.

The Medical Departures Customer Care Team is available 24/7 to provide assistance and additional information about undergoing a BBL abroad, or any other type of plastic surgery for that matter.

You can also schedule an appointment, with absolutely no upfront costs, directly through our site.


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