Breast Enlargement in Kuala Lumpur

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Enlargement in Kuala Lumpur

If you have small breasts that seem to have not much weight or volume, you buy the smallest cup sized bras and wish your boobs were bigger, you should consider breast enlargement in Kuala Lumpur. With the help of implants, you can get bigger breasts, with sufficient volume so that you can actually have a cleavage to show. You will be able to buy bigger bras and flaunt your body in swimsuits and off shoulder dresses as well.

Breast enlargement surgery, also called augmentation mammoplasty and popularly known as a boob job is a surgical procedure. It is also known as implant surgery, since the doctor places implants of different kinds, shapes and sizes into the breasts, to increase the size. If you are planning to have children and want to breast feed them, make sure your doctor knows as implants that will still allow you to breast feed can also be done.

Why get breast enlargement surgery done in Kuala Lumpur?

Cosmetic surgery that is purportedly done for vanity purposes is not covered by medical insurance. And when you have to pay for it on your own, it can set you back by thousands of dollars. Cosmetic surgery is reasonably priced in Kuala Lumpur. Plus you have the benefit of enjoying a holiday in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful place to visit as it has all the attractions of a big and modern city along with local culture and crafts. It has sightseeing options for all kinds of tourists ranging from nature parks and zoos to museums. You can also take a bus and go to Singapore, if you want, or visit Genting Highlands, which is known for its casinos, gambling and shows. You can also enjoy the dining and shopping options in Kuala Lumpur. It is advisable to get your holiday in before your surgery as you will need to rest afterwards.

Why can you not book on your own for breast enlargement surgery in Kuala Lumpur?

You really don’t want to take a chance with surgery do you? Breast implants require complex surgical procedures and you don’t want to have a bad job done on your boobs. You really don’t know what you will be letting yourself in for if you book from any website as you have no means of verifying its claims or whether they have any affiliations with organisations such as the Joint Commission International.

When you book through Medical Departures, however, you have a safety net in place. We take the fear out of the booking process since we have already carried out due diligence on the clinics and hospitals we list on our site. We ensure that the doctors are well qualified and accreditated, that the staff is trained, that the people speak English and that the hospital has good amenities. So you need have no worries on that score.

How much time does breast enlargement surgery take and what is the recovery time?

During breast enlargement surgery, you are under general anesthesia while the surgeon operates. The operation can take an hour or more. The procedure entails the doctor making the required incisions and placing the implants and then suturing the skin back. In consultation with the doctor you will have already decided:

Whether you want saline or silicone implants.
The shape and size of the implants (these usually come by cubic centimeters).
Where the doctor will place the incisions.
The position of the nipples.

Most likely you will spend a night in the hospital for close monitoring. After surgery you will have drains and bandages and later you will have to wear special surgical bras. You will also be taking antibiotics and painkillers. You can expect that you will rest for a week at least, though some women feel better faster.

What is the cost of breast enlargement surgery?

In Kuala Lumpur you pay a fraction of the price for surgery that you would do in Australia. In Kuala Lumpur the surgery will cost between AUD 4,000 and AUD 5,500. In Australia you can pay as much as three times as much, ranging from AUD 10,000 to AUD 15,000, depending on where you go.

What now?

There is no time like the present to make your booking with Medical Departures. Our customer care team is ready to answer all your queries and guide you through the booking process.

Breast enlargement surgery in Kuala Lumpur will increase the size of your breasts so that you feel good about yourself.

(Image by: Jacek Nowak)