Breast Enlargement in Manila

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Enlargement in Manila

Perhaps you yearn to restore fullness to breasts damaged by weight loss, pregnancy or breast cancer. Perhaps you are naturally small but yearn for more than a handful. Breast Enlargement in Manila can be a great opportunity to reach your goals, and gain access to world-class quality, and incredible affordability.

Am I a good candidate for Breast Enlargement?

You may be if:

You have finished puberty
You aren’t pregnant or breast feeding
Your overall health is good
You have realistic expectations of how new breasts will affect your life
Why Should I get my Breast Enlargement in Manila?

The main reason you’d come to Manila for breast enlargement is for the highly educated and experienced medical practitioners, and the excellence of the facilities. Both of which when combined, will amaze you when you see the affordable low costs. At 50-90% less than what you would pay at home, even including your travel and accommodation costs!

What is the cost of Breast Enlargement in Manila?

The average cost of Breast Enlargement in Manila is around AUD $4,500(NZ $4,800, UK £2,300, EUR €2,900, CAN $4,300, USD $3,200). That is an incredible savings compared to the cost of having the treatment at home - $16,500 in Australia. (NZ $18,400, UK £8,700, EUR €11,200, CAN $16,500, USD $12,200).

How can I be sure of the quality of Breast Enlargement in Manila, Philippines?

Clinics offering medical tourism often tend to be modern and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and of course are signed-up to internationally recognized hygiene and safety procedures.

When you are researching surgeons and facilities, check out their board certifications, education, before & after photos. Board certifications alone ensure that the surgeon has had at least three to five years of training in surgery, and two to three years Plastic Surgery training. Check references and reviews, too – see how the surgeon’s patients feel about the work they had done.

While you are at it, we invite you to explore our site, and take advantage of all the research we’ve done for you. Medical Departures performs quality checks to ensure that we share only the medical providers and clinics that have the best education, board qualifications, medical association memberships, and reviews from previous patients. We’ve even taken it a step further, and done criminal and legal checks.

What happens during Breast Enlargement?

While your doctor will decide which anesthetic is right for you, based on your health, surgery type, usually you will be provided general anesthetic – which puts you deeply asleep.

The surgeon will make an incision, usually in the infra-mammary fold (IMF – the crease below your breast), insert the implant, then close the incision with sutures, skin adhesive and tape.

Breast enlargement surgery is one of the more common plastic surgeries, and is done as an out-patient day surgery. An overnight hospital stay is not usually required.

You can read more about Breast Enlargement (Breast Augmentation) at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


There are a few different types of implants that include silicone, saline, and autologous fat transplants. Autologous fat transplants use fat taken from your own body, and implanted into the breast area.

You may hear about different incision locations, such as the traditional IMF incision, axillary (arm pit) incision, periareolar incision (around the pigmented area around the nipple), belly button incision (TUBA Incision), and a few others. The IMF is the most common, but there are times that one of the other methods may be preferred by your surgeon.

Then there are the different places, within the breast region, an implant can be placed. Options are: between the breast tissue (mammary gland) and the chest muscles, between two chest muscles (pectoralis major and minor), or fully under the muscles. Each have different benefits and results.

Talk with your surgeon, and find out the pros and cons are for each option.

How long will the procedure take to do?

Breast Enlargement surgery can take as little as 40 minutes, but usually between two and four hours. You’ll want to factor in some extra time before, to prep, and after, to wake from anesthetic. Usually you can go home the same day.

What does the recovery process look like?

You will be sore, for a little while, so make sure you have help for the first few days for any child care, and lifting.

Your doctor will prescribe pain medication and will fit you with a compression/support garment. Every body is different, but you could possibly return to normal activities in about a week. If your implants were below the muscle, your recovery time may be longer, so you’ll have to wait about 6 weeks to get back to strenuous exercise. Scars will heal about six weeks after the surgery, and fade over the next couple years.

What now?

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