Breast Lift in Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Lift in Mexico

If you’re wondering about the quality of a breast lift in Mexico we can help put your mind at ease. Mexico is a medical tourism center, with many thousands of patients traveling here from across the world for surgery. Sure – the prices are lower, but that isn’t the only reason people come here – the quality can be outstanding, providing you choose your surgeon with care, and pick a reliable clinic to go to.

Breast lifts, or mastopexy, to give it the medical term, are performed to lift the breast to restore a youthful shape. If breasts lack firmness, are a different size and relatively small it may be something you want to consider, as long as you aren’t breast-feeding and don’t plan on becoming pregnant again.

It is often performed in combination with either a breast enlargement (augmentation) or breast reduction.

Why have a Breast Lift in Mexico?

Mexico’s medical facilities have moved on since the bad old days of cheap medical care equating to cheap quality with sub-standard facilities and dubiously-trained doctors. These days, Mexico has some of the finest medical institutions in the world that are accredited with international organizations that monitor the quality and standards of healthcare, such as the Joint Commission International.

Medical training has improved across the world with cross-border training very much a part of a modern physician’s education. In developing countries, such as Mexico, it is not unusual for doctors to undertake specialist training in the United States, and to become members of the American Medical Association, which means they are subject to the same rules of engagement as their United States counterparts.

That said, we always recommend to research your procedure and your surgeon thoroughly. There is a lot of information available, especially on the internet, although it may take some time to find it all, and it’s not always easy to decide whether that information is reliable.

At Medical Departures we perform quality checks on our doctors and/or clinics. Legal and criminal records, as well as qualifications and professional memberships are background-checked and we publish clinic photos, virtual tours and real patient reviews to give patients as much reliable information as possible, so they have the ability to book with confidence.

The variety of locations in Mexico to have your breast lift surgery will appeal to most people – whether it’s a coastal beach resort, such as Cancun, or a colonial city like Pueba, as well as one of the growing number of border clinics in destinations like Tijuana, for people who, perhaps, don’t have the time to take a vacation.

After quality, the next most important consideration is the cost, and with savings that average around 60% it’s not hard to see why Mexico is popular.

How long is breast lift surgery and when can I go back to work?

There are a number of different ways that breast lift surgery can be performed, which your surgeon will talk you through. The procedure generally takes between 1 and 3 hours. You will be a little sore for a few days after surgery, but most people return to work after a week.

What is the cost of a breast lift in Mexico compared to the United States?

A breast lift in Mexico costs on average $3,000, compared to $5,200 the United States.

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