Breast Reduction in Kuala Lumpur

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Reduction in Kuala Lumpur

Big breasts come with their own set of difficulties. If you want breast reduction in Kuala Lumpur, you can reduce your problems a great deal. The heavy weight of large breasts not only adds to your overall weight, but can also cause shoulder and back pain, cause you to have bad posture and even result in insomnia due to discomfort. You may find it difficult to find bras and clothes that fit. You may hate that people’s eyes are always drawn to your big boobs.

Breast reduction surgery will enable you to reduce the size of your breasts and make you feel better about yourself. It will increase your self confidence as well. And you will be able to find bras and swimsuits as well as other clothes in a huge variety instead of having to select plus size clothes.

Why get breast reduction surgery done in Kuala Lumpur?

Cosmetic surgery is expensive in Australia. When you get the same surgery done in Kuala Lumpur, you find it affordable. You can also have a great holiday in Kuala Lumpur, getting to visit a prime south-east Asia tourist destination. KL, as it is popularly called has many tourist attractions, including a bird park and other natural habitats, gardens, lakes, rain forests, museums, places of worship and more. It is also known for its varied cuisine, many museums, its nightlife and shopping.

As a premier medical tourist destination, KL also has great medical facilities with well qualified and experienced doctors, with many having some western certifications. The hospitals and medical clinics are modern and well equipped. You will not have a communication problem as most people speak fluent English.

Why can’t you simply book your cosmetic surgery on your own?

Hypothetically there is nothing to stop you from doing so. But you really don’t want to book a complex medical procedure based on website information, do you? Can you be sure if they have any affiliations with organisations such as the Joint Commission InternationalThere are many horror stories about people needing revision surgeries after botched procedures in the first case and you don’t want to be medical statistic.

So book through Medical Departures. We carry out all the necessary investigations and make sure that the doctors are well trained, experienced and qualified. The clinics and hospitals must meet our high standards and the ancillary staff should be able to communicate effectively. We also conduct post surgery patient interviews when required. All these aspects ensure that you have a good surgical experience at a great rate.

How much time does the surgery take and what is the recovery period?

This is a major cosmetic surgery and takes time. Also called reduction mammoplasty surgery, the surgery can take as much as three to five hours. It is done under general or local anesthesia as the surgeon has to make different cuts, remove tissue and fat and cut extra skin and then suture it. Usually the nipples have to be repositioned as well. You will have some scars and you need to be realistic about the scarring, though these will fade over time.

You need to plan to be off work for at least a week and it will take you a couple of weeks to recover more. You will be on antibiotics and pain killers, need to sleep on your back and not put weight on your breasts. Till your fully recover, you may have restrict some activities. After the surgery you will have to wear special surgical bras for a few weeks.

What is the cost of breast reduction surgery?

If you are getting the surgery done in Australia you can expect to be out of pocket by AUD 6,000 to AUD 10,000. In case you can show cause that is medically relevant for this surgery, the insurance company may pay for it, but it is a long process to get insurance approval and meet their standards, which are not clear cut in the first place. In Kuala Lumpur you can pay around AUD 3,000 upwards and not have to go through insurance companies.

What now?

If big boobs have always bothered you it is time to opt for reduction surgery. Medical Departures has a streamlined booking process that will make it easy for you to book your surgery. Contact us by phone, email or online and our customer care team will address all your concerns.

You can soon be on your way to breast reduction surgery in Kuala Lumpur and have the figure you always wanted.

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