Breast Revision

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Revision

Breast revision is simply another term for removing implants, which, for one reason or another, you may have decided you'd like to go ahead with.

Am I suitable for a breast revision?

Breast revision is usually undertaken for one of the following reasons:

• Complications
Typical complications with breast implants include leaking implants, implants that have moved out of position or capsular contraction (where scar tissue surrounding the implant tightens)
• Changes in the breast tissue caused by weight loss or weight gain
• You may simply want to change the size of the implants, or have them removed altogether

You will need to be in good health to have the surgery, and have realistic expectations of the outcome.

What does the breast revision procedure entail?

You will have a consultation with your surgeon about what you are hoping to achieve with a breast revision, but the exact nature of the procedure will be dependent upon what needs to be done.

To remove your existing implants, the surgeon will make incisions over the scars from your previous surgery, remove the implants, and stitch the wound back up.

If you are having new implants of the same size, new ones will simply be inserted in the place of the old ones. If you are changing size with your new implants, the pocket in the breast where the implant is placed will have to be enlarged (for bigger implants), or reduced (for smaller implants), which will obviously require a little more time. If you have had a problem with position of the implant being in the wrong place, or implant rippling, the implant may have to be re-positioned. Your surgeon may have to manipulate scar tissue surrounding the implant, as well as reconstructing the pocket where the implant sits, so that it is re-located.

What is the recovery time for a breast revision?

Soreness and tenderness are to be expected for several days after your breast revision surgery, but many people return to work in a week. You must be careful to avoid heavy lifting and anything that is going to stretch you too far – this includes vigorous exercise, for 6 weeks.

How much is a breast revision abroad?

It depends where you go, but in Mexico breast revision costs around $3,700 and around £3,400 in the Philippines.