Breast Revision in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Revision in Bangkok

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Breast Revision surgery is regularly performed to remove breast implants when they are no longer wanted. It is sometimes referred to as breast explantation.

When should I consider a breast revision?

There are a number of factors which may cause you to consider breast revision surgery:

· Complications - This may include capsular contraction (when the scar tissue around the implant has tightened); or the breast implants may have moved position; or there may be evidence or a suggestion your implants are leaking (this may be physically noticeable or it may show up on a scan or x-ray).

· Weight loss or gain may have caused changes in the breast tissue

· You may want to change the size of the implants or your breasts

Why should I have breast revision in Bangkok?

The procedure is usually quite straightforward, and the downtime is not too long in comparison with other surgical procedures – many people return to work after a week. If you are traveling to Bangkok for a two-week holiday, you should find you will have enough time either before or after your procedure to make the most of your trip.

Bangkok’s attractions are varied, from dazzling temples and floating markets, to designer shopping malls and effervescent nightlife – where you can eat flavorsome street food on the cheap, or indulge in a high-end dining experience at one of the city’s glitzy rooftop restaurants. Bangkok has everything a modern city should have – but retains the allure and uniqueness of the old city.

The same could be said of its medical facilities, but Bangkok’s uniqueness is in its excellent customer service provisions, which many Western patients find lacking at home. At home, patients may feel their appointments are rushed as doctors struggle to keep up with the volume of appointments. In Bangkok, doctors treating medical tourists often do not have the same workload, and so can – and do – spend much more time with patients. At home, patients usually have to find their own way from one hospital department to another; in Bangkok they are escorted. At home, hospital wards/rooms may be adequate; in Bangkok they are luxurious with space for partners to stay, TV’s, fridges and even kitchens.

Coupled with the knowledge and expertise of the surgeons working in these hospitals and clinics, the vast majority of medical tourists have a safe and rewarding trip. Many of the surgeons here are likely to be board certificated in other countries as well as in Thailand, and they may be affiliated with international organizations like the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

However, this isn’t something that you should leave to chance. Medical tourism is a commercial enterprise – and just like anywhere in the world, there are some that are better than others. This is where you should do a little digging around to find out what you can about the particular surgeons and facilities you have in mind for your breast revision.

Booking through Medical Departures gives you an assurance of quality, as we have already performed background checks that include confirming qualifications and memberships of doctors, as well as clinic visits and verifying patient testimonials. While no guarantees can ever be made that any surgical procedure will be successful, starting with the right quality is a good step.

What is involved in the procedure for breast revision surgery?

The exact nature of what is involved will be dependent upon the reason why the breast revision is being carried out. In most cases, the surgeon will use the scar from the previous surgery in the breast revision procedure to remove the old implants and insert the new. In some instances, such as capsular contracture, where the implant is being replaced with a new one of the same size, it is just a straightforward swap.

If you want larger implants, the space in the breast where the implant is inserted (the pocket) will need to be enlarged. For smaller implants the pocket will need to be reduced, usually with stitches.

For implant rippling or where the implant has been positioned in the wrong place your surgeon may have to reposition the implant. This may involve manipulating scar tissue around the implant and reconstructing the pocket so the implant sits in a different position.

What is the recovery time for a breast revision?

The area will be tender and sore for some days after the procedure, but you will probably be able to return to work after a week. You will have to be careful over the next couple of weeks not to cause unnecessary strain by bending and stretching, but you should be able to do most everyday activities after 2 weeks. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should not be resumed for 6 weeks.

What is the comparative cost of breast revision in Bangkok compared to Australia or New Zealand?

The cost of breast revision in Bangkok is around 50% of the price compared to in Australia.

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