Double Eyelid Surgery in Johor Bahru

The Ultimate Guide to Double Eyelid Surgery in Johor Bahru

Find out about Double Eyelid Surgery in Johor Bahru, Malaysia’s second largest city, which is easily accessible from Singapore and a lot less expensive.

Double eyelid surgery is also known as Asian Blepharoplasty and is a popular procedure with Asians who prefer the double eyelid look rather than single eyelids. Around 50% of Asians have a single eyelid, and while the double eyelid does, cosmetically, give a more ‘Western’ appearance to the eyes, it does open up the eye area, removing the hooded appearance which can sometimes interfere with vision.

Why have Double Eyelid Surgery in Johor Bahru?

Johor Bahru is a particular favourite of Singaporeans who regular make the short trip here to shop – the cost of living being far less expensive here than at home. The city provides a wealth of amenities for visitors, including modern shopping malls, dining and entertainment as well as a wide variety of accommodation options ensuring the city is an increasingly popular destination.

For medical tourists the city offers a great deal in terms of affordability but retaining state-of-the-art facilities and medical expertise. Malaysia’s healthcare services are fairly advanced and it is one of the top medical tourism countries in the world with cosmetic surgery, dental care and fertility proving to be some of the most popular procedures. Medical professionals are highly-skilled with appropriate training, many of whom with international certifications.

While Malaysia is popular with Asians it also offers tourists from further afield a lot. The impact of the British presence in Malaysia’s history is still evident, from its Colonial buildings to the fact that English is widely spoken. Aussies, Kiwis, Americans, Canadians and, of course, British should feel relatively at home here.

Malaysia certainly a spectacular holiday destination. It has exciting, modern cities, beautiful beaches, a unique culture and plenty of natural marvels to wonder at, including a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are looking to combine surgical treatment with a holiday then Malaysia and Johor Bahru should certainly be high on your list of considerations.

Booking with Medical Departures will also give you that added peace-of-mind. We know surgery is a major decision not to be taken lightly, and we realise that you may be even more apprehensive about it if you decide to travel overseas for your treatment. This is why we do background checks on our clinics, presenting them in a straightforward easy-to-use manner on our website. Checks include legal and criminal records as well as onsite visits, verification of professional memberships and medical qualifications and collation of real patient testimonials. Our Customer Care Team are also on hand practically around the clock, ready to help and answer any of your questions.

What happens during the Double Eyelid Procedure and how long does it take?

Double Eyelid Surgery takes around an hour, and is usually performed as an out-patient, which means you don’t need to stay in hospital overnight.

As with most types of surgery, there are a number of different techniques that may be adopted by your surgeon. One is the incision technique, where unwanted fatty tissue and skin is removed via an incision and the remaining tissue is stitched together forming an eyelid crease. This is, of course, permanent. The second method is non-permanent, and which may be undertaken in patients who do not have fatty deposits, or whose skin is thin. In this technique the skin is folded and stitched to form a crease, rather than being cut away. This means that the skin may stretch over time necessitating the procedure to be done again.

What is the recovery time after double eyelid surgery?

Immediately after surgery bruising and swelling will be evident, usually reaching its peak after a couple of days. While you may feel fine, it may seem as though the healing process is slow in terms of how you actually look as it could take up to a month before all the swelling and bruising has gone.

Stitches may be removed between 5 and 7 days later, or you may have dissolvable ones. You may have a feeling of tightness around the eyes or blurry vision, but this should return to normal after a few weeks.

As with any surgery, you will need to take things easy for 6 weeks, not embarking on any strenuous activities or vigorous exercise. Complete healing usually takes 6 months.

What is the cost comparison of Double Eyelid Surgery in Johor Bahru compared to Australia or New Zealand?

On average, double eyelid surgery in Johor Bahru starts from around AUD $2,000 (EURO €1,200; UK £1,000; US $1,400; CAN $1,800) compared to Australia where it’s around AUD $8,000 (EURO €5,200; UK £4,100; US $6,000; CAN $7,700).

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