Eyebrow Lift in Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Lift in Malaysia

Get an Eyebrow lift in Malaysia to remove wrinkles and furrows on your forehead and smoothen the top part of your face, taking years off your age. Also called browplasty or a forehead lift, this aesthetic procedure may be performed alone or along with other facial procedures like a blepharoplasty (eye bag removal) or a face lift and is likely to save you a considerable amount of money compared to having it at home.

A browplasty will also help your eyebrows get a more natural arch, particularly if they are drooping due to age and gravity. The procedure will open up your eyes as well. Different kinds of surgeries may be used for a browplasty and you need to consult with a doctor to find out which kind is right for your face and your situation.

Why consider eyebrow lift in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a short distance away from Australia and most major international airlines fly there. So you can get cheap or reasonably priced flights that will cut your costs. Malaysia is a top tourist destination as well and attracts global tourists and also from down under. It has superior medical facilities that make it popular with medical tourists.

You can combine a holiday in this exotic country along with your surgical procedure. And you can enjoy your holiday at a beach or hill resort, indulge in exotic national and international cuisines and have a great time in the clubs, restraints, nightspots and bars. The country is also a premier shopping destination as it is reasonably priced whether you buy local or international brands. You can choose the stay in a budget hotel or a luxury one and all of them are fairly affordable, since it is a major tourist hub.

Why can’t you simply do it on your own?

An internet search in the area you are in will throw up many sites that will conduct the plastic surgery you want and sometimes the price as well. In Australia, you are more likely to hit on local sites and you can definitely check them out, but the prices will really shock you. If you search for the same surgery in Malaysia, you will find the price to be a pleasant surprise.

Booking on your own comes with its own set of risks. You cannot be sure about the medical facilities actually available and the doctors’ qualifications and experience. If you book through Medical Departures, you should know that we conduct our own checks into the doctors’ certifications and accreditations, the quality of the staff, the equipment and the communication abilities of the people there. Many doctors are western educated or have some certifications or accreditations for well known international societies and institutions, such as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. This provides you a safety factor before you book.

How long does the surgery take and what is the recovery time?

Many different procedures are used for eyebrow lift in Malaysia. This can range from a direct lift, a mid forehead lift, a coronal lift, an endoscopic brow lift and an endotine brow lift. The doctor selects one of these techniques depending on your current condition and what you want to achieve after surgery. Depending on the type of surgery, it may take between one and three hours. Basically the surgeon will make incisions in certain places across the brow, cut off excess skin or fat and suture it in such a way that the scars will be barely visible and will fade over time.

You may have to stay overnight in hospital for monitoring. You will be in pain and prescribed antibiotics and painkiller and have to rest for at least a week. After that time, stitches that need to be removed will be removed, or you have stitches that dissolve. Within 10-15 days you should be able to resume your activities, though there will be some restrictions in place till you are fully healed.

Cost of eyebrow lift in Malaysia

Eyebrow lift in Australia can cost your between AUD 10,000 and AUD 15,000. And you will have to pay out of pocket for this aesthetic surgery. In Malaysia, with doctors of good standing and at good quality clinics a similar procedure will cost you starting at AUD 1,600. That is less than 20 percent of the cost of the same surgery in Australia, so it is very affordable.

What now?

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