Facial Wrinkles in Kuala Lumpur

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Wrinkles in Kuala Lumpur

One day you look at your face in the mirror and notice fine lines and wrinkles creeping up on you. You may have already tried many home treatments, now it is time to have facial wrinkles treated in Kuala Lumpur. Some time in your thirties, you will notice some signs of ageing on your face. Even if you go regularly for facials or do them yourself at home, these have a limited effect and temporary. Beauty salons, too, have a host of skin treatments at exorbitant prices; some work to a certain degree, but they don’t eliminate the wrinkles.

Kuala Lumpur has a host of treatments at an affordable price to make your skin look younger, without radical cosmetic surgery. These are either non-invasive treatments or minimally invasive treatments and usually don’t need any downtime.

Why undergo facial wrinkles removal in Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Lumpur is an amazing holiday spot. Though a large city, it has all the tourist attractions possible for all kinds of tourists, whether nature lovers or history buffs. With museums, crafts, towers, gardens, rain forests and more, a trip to KL is culturally enriching. You can also shop till you drop and if you want to have a new wardrobe; it is a great place to buy clothes and other accessories.

Compared to Australia, the cost of living in KL is relatively low, so you get competitive pricing on everything. Cosmetic procedures that would be prohibitively expensive in Australia will be reasonably priced in Kuala Lumpur. So you have a great holiday as well as facial wrinkle removal treatments done.

Why can’t you book on your own?

It would seem that non-invasive procedures cannot do much harm, because they may not be as risky as surgery. But even a small hiccup can cause infections and exacerbate problems. Many facilities carry no affiliations to recognised world bodies such as the Joint Commission International. So you need to make sure that the clinics are up to standard, that the staff are well trained and that their hygiene standards are up to the mark. Additionally chemical peels and laser treatments need great control over the process and an inexperienced or not fully trained professional can actually cause skin damage.

When you book through Medical Departures, we take care to see that the facilities are great, that the clinics are manned by trained professionals (doctors where required), that the amenities in the place are excellent, and that the equipment is modern. We carry out investigations on all these aspects so that you have a safe experience.

What are the facial wrinkles removal procedures and how much time do they take?

Non-surgical treatments for wrinkle removal include:

Laser treatment – laser wrinkle removal is used for fine lines on the forehead, cheeks and lips. Different kinds of lasers are used for a short duration. As they penetrate the skin the support structure of the skin is hurt and later the body removes the skin naturally, stimulating collagen production to re-build it. Your new skin looks younger and fresher, the lines go away. Best of all the face treatment can be done in one sitting of about half an hour and you will recover in 4-6 days.
Botox – this seemingly miracle treatment works by paralyzing muscles that have contracted to cause the wrinkles, resulting in smoother looking skin.
Dermal fillers – various products come under this category, including Restylane, Juevederm, Radiesse and others. These are injected into deep wrinkles and serve to make them smoother. Sometimes the person’s own fat can be used instead of artificial filler and has a similar effect, but this means it has first to be extracted, refined and then injected.
Radiofrequency waves – instead of lasers, radiofrequency waves penetrate deep into the skin and then stimulate collagen production. Unlike laser treatments, these require no downtime at all.
Chemical peels – various acids are used on the skin to ‘burn’ away the top layer. This has an effect as if you have sun burnt skin, so your skin will be red and painful till it heals and you get fresh skin.
Dermabrasion – in this procedure various kinds of devices are used to kind of sandpaper the skin. Again this leads to the body making fresh skin naturally and eliminates wrinkles.

What is the cost of facial wrinkles removal in Kuala Lumpur?

Facial wrinkles removal in Kuala Lumpur comes at rock bottom prices. It costs a fraction of what it would cost in Australia. Cost of treatment varies on the kind of treatment to the number of units used (in the case of botox and fillers). Often you may need a combination of different treatments to get the smooth skin you want.

What now?

Book now with Medical Departures so that you can have a great holiday in Kuala Lumpur and return with younger looking skin. Contact us now as mentioned below.

Facial wrinkle removal in Kuala Lumpur will enhance your appearance and increase your confidence.

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