Hair Transplant in South Korea

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Transplant in South Korea

Find out about hair transplants in South Korea – a solution for hair loss and hair thinking that doesn’t just include the hair on your head.

Both men and women can lose their hair, but we tend to think of hair loss as men going bald. However, hair loss or thinning problems can also happen in women, and also include loss of eyebrows, eyelashes and thinning beards.

Why have hair transplants in South Korea?

An up and coming medical tourist destination, South Korea has been a favorite of Japanese and Chinese clients for a while. Specializing in cosmetic surgery, the country is also becoming renowned for other medical treatments, and could soon be competing alongside other Asian countries who have successful medical tourism industries. For international patients this is good news as competition should ensure quality remains high.

South Korea is a modern country, having grown economically since the Seoul Olympics in the 1980s. It is technologically advanced – with high speed internet available across the whole country and internationally-accredited hospitals.

Medical staff have thorough training, are highly skilled and are just as capable as Western doctors to administer the latest innovative treatments and advances in the field of hair restoration – and the good news is that it will cost considerably less here than it would at home.

As with any service when you are ‘shopping around’ you should do your own research to ascertain the credentials of your practitioner and clinic. Medical Departures help make it easier as we already do legal/criminal background checks, confirm qualifications & professional memberships and verify online testimonials. You can find it all on our website with our high-definition clinic photos, virtual clinic tours and other useful information. There’s no absolutely foolproof way of ascertaining quality, but qualifications, reputation and the presentation of the clinic can provide a good indicator.

How long does a hair transplant take?

This depends on what technique you have, as there are several different ones available, as well as how hair is harvested – obviously a small transplant will take less time than a large one. Small transplants may take around 90 minutes, whereas a large one may take the best part of a day (around 6 hours).

Is a hair transplant painful and how long is the recovery time?

Before the procedure starts you will be given an anesthetic, and although you shouldn’t feel any discomfort during the procedure, afterwards your scalp will feel tender. There will be redness and scabbing from the areas where the hair was harvested from.

It is possible to go back to work after a few days, but many people wait until their scalp doesn’t look so sore – which may be a week or two later.

What is the cost of a hair transplant in South Korea compared to Australia or New Zealand?

Hair transplants cost around 50% less in South Korea than they do in Australia.

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