Hip Replacement in Thailand

The Ultimate Guide to Hip Replacement in Thailand

Hip replacement in Thailand is an option when the costs at home are too expensive. Many people save tens of thousands on the costs in Thailand but also find the quality of their care is just as good, if not better than at home.

If your damaged hip is making life difficult through pain or immobility, then traveling to Thailand may seem like an ordeal. However, it needn’t be if you choose a reputable clinic and surgeon. Many thousands of people have been in your position, have travelled to Thailand for hip replacement surgery and been overjoyed at the results – and the new lease of life it has given them.

Why choose a hip replacement in Thailand?

The main reason people consider Thailand for hip replacement surgery is initially the cost – prices are around 50% cheaper, which saves a considerable amount of money.

We all know that cost is not the only factor to consider. It’s all very well paying discount prices, but not if the surgeons or facilities aren’t up to scratch. Understandably, this is a major concern, but one that can be easily remedied if you do your homework and choose a surgeon and clinic that have provable credentials.

It is quite easy to find out information these days, thanks to the internet – but it is not always certain how trustworthy the information is. This is why it is always best to look at a few different sources, and build up an overall picture.

This is how Medical Departures assesses quality. Online presence and patient testimonials are just one part of our process, but we also look at legal and criminal records, verify professional memberships, such as the International Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons and confirm qualifications. Clinic visits are also important, and if all these processes add-up, only then do we promote doctors and clinics on our website.

Thailand has been part of the medical tourism boom for several decades, and generally standards are particularly high. If they weren’t, then there really wouldn’t be the amount of people traveling here for their surgery. Good clinics and reliable surgeons offer transparency and exceptionally high standards. Surgeons are well-qualified and experienced, facilities are state-of-the-art and the Thai’s legendary customer service is much in evidence from hospital rooms that look more like boutique hotels, to delivering additional services to help you relax and recover, such as spa treatments.

There are also plenty of beautiful holiday locations around the country where you can really enjoy resting, recuperating and being pampered.

What is the procedure for hip replacement and how long does it take?

Hip replacements are usually carried out in1 – 2 hours, under a general anesthetic, or an epidural, where your whole lower body is numbed. After making an incision, the surgeon will remove the damaged hip joint, replacing it with the artificial one, and closing the wound with stitches.

What is the recovery time for a hip replacement?

The majority of hip replacements are carried out in elderly people, so recovery times can vary enormously. The recovery process is speeded up if you can get up and about as soon as possible after your surgery – some people manage it the same day. You will experience pain, stiffness and discomfort, as well as swelling, which may even be in your legs and feet.

Walking aids, such as crutches, sticks or walking frames will help you to get about, and gradually, over the coming months, you will return to full mobility. You should be able to engage in your usual, everyday activities in 2 – 3 months, but it may be up to a year before you feel the full effect of your hip replacement.

What is the cost of hip replacement surgery in Thailand?

Hip replacement surgery in Thailand costs, on average, AUD $12,000 compared to AUD $25,0000 in Australia.

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