Labiaplasty in Johor Bahru

The Ultimate Guide to Labiaplasty in Johor Bahru

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Labiaplasty is a female genital makeover procedure which reduces the size of the labia (the inner and outer vaginal lips known as the labia majora and labia minora). Like any other cosmetic surgery procedure it is usually done for aesthetic reasons – some women feel that theirs are too big, or misshapen, or perhaps they feel they are too noticeable under tight clothing – but sometimes it can be because of medical or personal hygiene reasons.

Why have labiaplasty in Johor Bahru?

Johor Bahru is Malaysia’s second largest city – and a mere 10 minutes on the train away from Singapore. It is become a top destination for Singapore residents to visit as the cost of living is so much lower. The city has evolved to cater for these tourists and it boasts world-class hotels, fantastic restaurants, a decent nightlife and other recreational pursuits including off-road motorcycling and the 25 km Danga Bay waterfront that offers a host of leisure pursuits for all ages alongside the waters’ edge.

Medical tourism is booming in Malaysia. Thanks to cheap air travel, a propensity to travel, rising health costs and long waiting lists for treatment, many Westerners are looking much further afield for their medical treatments, especially cosmetic ones. Any why not? The lure of a relaxing holiday in an exotic destination combined with a cosmetic improvement – and all for less than the cost of the procedure alone at home seems like a really good deal.

Destinations like Johor Bahru that are accessible are popular choices and Malaysia is a particular draw to Western tourists because there is no language barrier – formerly under British rule, English is spoken everywhere.

The downtime for a labiaplasty procedure also makes it a good cosmetic treatment to have on holiday. For a day or two after surgery you may feel a little uncomfortable, but nothing major – so why not be lying down under a parasol poolside while you recuperate?

Obviously, we understand traveling abroad for surgery may be a little scary, but at Medical Departures we try and provide you with as much useful information as we can in order that you can make an informed decision. We visit our clinics and we do legal and criminal record checks. We also verify doctor qualifications and professional memberships which we publish on our site, alongside real patient reviews. While no-one can ever guarantee the outcome of a medical or surgical procedure completely, at least ensuring the credentials of your facility and surgeon stack-up will go a long way toward a successful outcome.

What is the procedure for labiaplasty and how long does it take?

The procedure is usually fairly short – just an hour or two, and it can be done as an out-patient under a local anesthetic, so you don’t even need to spend the night in hospital. The surgeon uses either a scalpel or laser to trim away unwanted tissue from the vaginal lips and stitches the remaining tissue neatly, usually with dissolving sutures.

What is the recovery time for labiaplasty?

You may feel a little uncomfortable for a day or two but after that the recovery is fairly quick. You will be encouraged to move around after the procedure as this will help in reducing swelling. The area will need to be kept clean and dry, so bathing will be prohibited until the stitches have dissolved - typically after 5-7 days. You will probably be able to shower after a couple of days.

Most people resume their everyday activities within a week, although vigorous exercise and sexual intercourse should be avoided for 6 weeks.

What is the cost of labiaplasty in South Korea compared to Australia and New Zealand?

The cost of labiaplasty in South Korea is around 50% less than it is in Australia.

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