Mommy Makeover in Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide to Mommy Makeover in Malaysia

Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding or just the natural process of getting older all take a toll on your body. If you want to look the way you did before becoming a mother, then a mommy makeover in Malaysia is a great solution for savvy patients looking to keep costs down.

If you want to join the thousands of women heading to Malaysia each year for surgeries like this, keep reading this Medical Departures guide.

What Should I Know About Mommy Makeovers?

First things first, it's always a good idea to finish having all the babies that you want, even if they are several years apart, before having a mommy makeover. This is because you really don’t want to have repeated surgical procedures for the same problems.

Typically, new mommies do try and get back into shape as soon as they can and follow a strict diet and exercise regimen to lose weight and have more toned muscles. However, loose skin and flab can be difficult to dislodge. You can have a complete or partial mommy makeover that consists but is not limited to:

  • A tummy tuck – to remove stretch marks and result in a flat stomach.
  • Breast surgery – either a breast lift, reduction or augmentation
  • Liposuction – for removing stubborn fat from areas of the body like the butt, thighs, stomach, waist, arms, etc.

More than ever before the emphasis is on looking young and feeling young and why not? Just because you have babies and are a mother, you need not look matronly. A mommy makeover will not only make you look good but also boost your self-esteem.

Why Should I Book My Mommy Makeover with Medical Departures?

Like other surgeries, cosmetic surgery has its own risk and possibility of complications. There are many horror stories on the net about botched surgeries and worse.

When you book through Medical Departures, you can be sure that we have carried out checks before listing clinics and hospitals on our website. We have a personal interaction with the people there; investigate the qualifications and accreditations of the doctors, the amenities at the hospital, the kind of staff working there and other aspects. We even conduct post-surgery patient interviews and never list clinics that don’t meet our high standards on our website, so there is a safety factor in place.

Why Go for a Mommy Makeover in Malaysia?

Plastic surgery is an expensive procedure and, if you already have kids to take care of, you probably don't want to take on any extra expenses, especially one as big as this. However, having it done in Malaysia means you'll be paying far less without having to compromise on quality either as doctors in Malaysia are well qualified and experienced.

Plus, you get to combine a holiday in Malaysia along with your surgery. You can choose to recuperate in a nice hotel or resort and be away from the responsibilities of family and house, getting well looked after. Malaysia is an amazing holiday destination with great climate, food and dining options, shopping, entertainment and more.

How Long Does the Surgery Take and What Is the Downtime?

If you have all three procedures together the surgery can take as much as seven hours. If you have only one part done then surgery can be over in an hour or two. However, if you need more than one part attended to, it makes sense to combine the surgeries as you will be under anesthesia once and won’t have to go through many surgeries and recovery periods, so there will be less downtime in all. You may spend a night or two in hospital.

You can plan on at least two weeks' downtime for a mommy makeover. You will be in discomfort, have to wear special garments and take antibiotics and painkillers. Full recovery can take up to eight weeks. On the flip side, you may look even better and younger than you had before your pregnancies - and with all surgeries combined, you only have to endure one, albeit slightly longer recovery period.

How Much Can I Save on a Mommy Makeover in Malaysia?

A mommy makeover cost will vary according to the procedures you need. For example, in Australia, you can pay between AUD 10,000 and AUD 25,000 for this kind of extensive surgery. In Malaysia, you will pay a fraction of the amount, with savings of at least 50% to be had. 

Please note: These are approximate prices based on global averages at the time of writing. To see updated prices, as well as clinic photos, surgeon profiles, patient reviews and other information, take a look at these three leading cosmetic surgery providers in Malaysia for mommy makeovers:

Getting Started with Medical Departures

If you have decided on a mommy makeover, lock in the best price online at a reputable clinic in Malaysia with Medical Departures. Our customer care team is ready to answer your queries and walk you through the booking process.


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