Mommy Makeover in Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Mommy Makeover in Mexico

Last fact-checked: 10 December 2020

Being a mom is a gift, but there's no denying that giving birth takes its toll on the body. If you have areas you’d like to change, including your tummy, breasts, legs, or other areas, then a combination of procedures could take care of all these problems in one go. This also means that you'll only have to endure one period of recovery—a must for busy moms everywhere.

Stretch marks, saggy tums and stubborn pockets of fat (which you just can’t shift with diet and exercise), as well as breasts that have changed shape... all areas that can be dramatically improved with a Mommy Makeover. Medical Departures can help you locate a reliable clinic and specialist in Mexico; find out how in this brief guide.

Why Should I Have a Mommy Makeover in Mexico?

Mexico is one of the top medical tourism hotspots in the world. Not only are the prices between 50 and 70% lower than in the United States or Canada, but the medical expertise in the gest clinics here is often on par with US and Canadian doctors.

Becoming a specialist doctor in Mexico requires the same commitment to training and qualifications as it does in the States–in fact, the length of time studying and training as an intern or resident is normally about the same. Globalization and cross-border training ensure a high number of Mexican doctors who choose to obtain their professional qualifications in the United States; they often go on to become members of the American Medical Association and are, therefore, subject to the same codes of conduct as US doctors.

Lower prices in Mexico do not reflect on lower-quality servicesthey are less expensive because the cost of living in Mexico is notably lower.

Medical Departures always recommends that you always do your research before choosing a surgeon. After all, not all clinics, regardless of where you are in the world, can be guaranteed in terms of their absolute reliability. This is why we conduct stringent criminal and legal background checks on all clinics and doctors before they are listed on our site. This also includes verification of professional qualifications, training and experience, which you can see under each listing.

Alongside authenticated patient reviews, high-resolution photos and virtual tours of clinics, we provide a comprehensive overview of all our partner medical clinics, so you can reach your decision with confidence.

What Is the Procedure for a Mommy Makeover? How Long Does it Take?

Mommy Makeovers combine a number of different procedures that target the areas you want to improve. For example, it could include a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift or other procedures. It could be two, three or more separate procedures (all carried out in one session). Your surgeon will be able to give you a more detailed overview in terms of how long you will need to be in Mexico before and after your treatment. 

In general, if you are having multiple surgical procedures, you can expect to be quite sore for two or three weeks afterward and you will be advised to do as little as possible. After that, you will begin to feel much better but should still refrain from anything strenuous, including heavy lifting, for at least six weeks.

How Much Can I Save on a Mommy Makeover in Mexico Cost Compared to the United States?

This varies, depending upon the procedures you and your doctor select. As an example, a breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction combined may cost around $15-20,000 in the US; the same Mommy Makeover procedures in Mexico will cost in the region of $8,000-10,000.

Below, check out three leading clinics in Mexico that offer affordable Mommy Makeovers:

How Do I Book an Appointment in Mexico?

Find out more about our quality-checked clinics and what they offer.

Ready to book? See below for convenient ways to arrange an appointment, or simply get in touch with our Customer Care Team if you’d like to discuss your Mommy Makeover in Mexico in more detail.


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