The Ultimate Guide to Sculptra

Last fact-checked: 8 March 2020

Sculptra is a type of injectable dermal filler that provides subtle yet effective results for combatting the signs of aging, especially facial lines, wrinkles and folds.

It is not considered to be a quick-fix; instead, Sculptra delivers natural-looking results over a period of time (rather than, say, Botox). Although one treatment session can make a positive difference, three sessions spaced out several few months will give the best results that last for two years or longer.

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How Does Sculptra Work?

As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity, firmness and moisture. This combination leads to fine lines developing, which turn into wrinkles... which turn into folds... which cause sagging. One of the reasons for this is that collagen production – one of the fundamental products of youthful skin – slows down considerably after the age of around 40. When we are young, collagen forms a matrix beneath the skin, and once it begins to breakdown, then inevitably the skin it supports starts to collapse too.

Sculptra’s main ingredient is a biocompatible, biodegradable synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid. This has been in medical use for decades and it helps to replenish diminished collagen in the skin, correcting fine lines as well as those deeper folds that appear as we get older.

Am I a Suitable for Sculptra - And Where Can it Be Used?

If you have fine lines, wrinkles or deep folds on your face which are bothering you, then you could be a suitable candidate for Sculptra. The most common areas that Sculptra is useful for treating include: 

  • The nasolabial folds (also known as smile lines), which are the deep folds running down from each side of the nose to the sides of the mouth

  • Marionette lines (from the mouth down to the chin)

  • Chin wrinkles

What Does the Procedure for Sculptra Involve?

Depending on how many areas you are having treating, the actual procedure can be carried out in a matter of minutes. After a local anesthetic has been administered and the skin wiped with antiseptic, Sculptra is injected into the chosen site(s) with a fine-needled syringe.

Treatment shouldn’t hurt (you should be numb from the anesthetic), but you may experience some tingling and redness afterward. You can alleviate this with ice packs, but it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable, and you should be able to carry on with your normal schedule as long as you don’t engage in anything too strenuous.

When Can I Expect to See Results and How Long Do They Last?

As previously mentioned, it is recommended that you take a course of three treatments for the best results. You will notice slight changes after the first treatment, but the cumulative results after three sessions will be much more visible yet still natural-looking.

Results should last for up to two years, and you can always have Sculptra top-ups to maintain your youthful look.

Going Abroad for Sculptra Treatment

The procedure is available at good providers around the world — and we have partnered with only the best. Sculptra is a well-known brand, and having done abroad can often save you more than 50% compared to what you’d pay at home.

It should be noted that going to a far-flung destination just for one treatment session won’t make financial sense. However, this is a good option if you are already planning a holiday to a popular medical tourism destination or you have other, more expensive treatment planned as part of the same trip. 

Patients living close to the US-Mexico Border may also find that they can make big savings on a full course of Sculptra given the fact that our Mexican clinics can be reached easily via the Southern States. 

How Do I Get Started?

Get started by browsing three of our select clinics for Sculptra treatment in Bangkok, Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur below:

Our global list of Sculptra clinics can also be found here.

Compare prices, see before & after photos, read past patient reviews and book your free appointment through our site to guarantee the best prices. For more information, get in touch with our Customer Care Team today.


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