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Are you thinking of getting your mommy makeover in Thailand? We certainly hope so, as you’ll be hard-pushed to find better value for money anywhere else in the world! Here at Medical Departures, we work with a wide variety of cosmetic clinics and hospitals throughout Thailand. To help you decide which facility to choose, check out our Thailand mommy makeover reviews from real patients that have been through the process!

Why Should I do my Mommy Makeover in Thailand?

There are more than one reason why Medical Departures recommend that you have your mommy makeover in Thailand. First and foremost, Thailand hospitals represent a more cost-effective solution. On average, the cost of a mommy makeover in Australia and New Zealand is around AUD $16,941 (NZD $18,175). In Thailand, however, you can get the same procedure done for as little as AUD 11,865 (NZD 12,730) at a world-class facility such as the Nirunda Cellport Clinic .

Moreover, Thailand is known as an exotic destination that offers peace of mind, relaxation and rejuvenation. Home to the most beautiful beaches, Thailand has incredible things to offer. Whether you’re going to Bangkok or Phuket, you’ll delight in the exotic sceneries, relaxing spas and resorts and, if you feel up for it, exciting adventure trails. Finally, our mommy makeover reviews speak for themselves: all Medical Departures patients who traveled to Thailand were totally satisfied with their treatment. Check out the Mommy makeover pictures on our website and see the results for yourself!

Which Hospitals did Medical Departures Patients Love the Most?

Kamol Hospital

A world class and renowned cosmetic and plastic surgery hospital in Bangkok, the Kamol Hospital prides itself in the fact that it that it delivers excellence in innovation, quality and safety in all of their patient-oriented services. The facility is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and operates to the highest levels of quality care, consistently maintaining its ranks in the medical tourism industry in Thailand. Cosmetic surgeons operating at the Kamol Hospital are well-versed in a comprehensive range of procedures, and patients can undergo a mommy makeover for just AUD $11,865 (NZD $12,730).

Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute

The Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute is one of the premium plastic surgery institutes in the country. Located within the Phuket International Hospital, the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute provides liposuctions, tummy tucks, breast lifts, breast reductions and breast augmentation procedures to overseas patients who travel to Thailand specifically for cosmetic surgery purposes. At the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute , a mommy makeover as available for around AUD $13,506 (NZD $14,490).

Apex Medical Center

Since 2001, the Apex Medical Center has been providing excellent cosmetic surgery services to both local and international patients in Thailand. The clinic was founded by Dr Nantapat Supapannachart and has expanded rapidly, opening a number of branches throughout Bangkok and Phuket. For mommy makeovers, prices at the Apex Medical Center range from AUD $10,805 to 15,435 (NZD $11,592 to NZD $16,559).

Our Thailand mommy makeover reviews bear testament to the great services provided at our mommy makeover clinics in Thailand. Contact our Customer Care Team to start making arrangements for your mommy makeover today!

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