Gastric Bypass in Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Gastric Bypass in Mexico

Undergo gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, with quality-checked surgeons who have the experience and expertise to handle even the most problematical of cases.

The most popular weight loss surgery currently performed, it is a radical solution to morbid obesity, but as most people lose all their excess weight in a couple of years it is worth it – especially if you are carrying so much weight that it is causing you damaging health problems.

Why get a gastric bypass in Mexico?

Mexico is getting a good reputation as a medical tourist destination. Savvy Americans and Canadians have been coming to Mexico for cheaper pharmaceuticals and medical care for a while, although the results haven’t always been reliable.

That has all changed with the advent of medical tourism. Nowadays it is just as easy to find a surgeon overseas as it is in your local Yellow Pages, but it is also easier to find one that is reliable, which perhaps wasn’t so much of an option in the past.

Mexico is still a developing nation by Western standards, and yes, there are certain places you wouldn’t want to go to. But, there are a good number of world-class facilities throughout the length and breadth of Mexico that offer services that are equal, if not better, than some facilities you’d go to at home. If you are thinking about going to Mexico for gastric bypass surgery, then make sure you choose to go to somewhere that has a good reputation and a surgeon who has verifiable qualifications and professional memberships.

Booking through Medical Departures takes the guesswork out of it. We quality-check our surgeons and clinics, confirming qualifications, professional memberships and visiting clinics to see if we would be happy going there ourselves. We also think patient testimonials are important, which is why we publish them on our website. This information is all freely available to any visitor to our site, so they can make their own decision, and choose accordingly.

What does the gastric bypass involve and how long does it take?

The gastric bypass procedure is done under a general anesthetic. It usually takes around an hour, but it can take several hours, although this is rare.

The surgery is performed by a laparoscope (which is a long thin tube). This is inserted into small cuts that are made across the abdomen in strategic places so the surgeon can access your organs with the tube, which has a camera, and see your insides on a monitor. This means the long scars that surgery like this needed before the advent of ‘keyhole surgery’ are a thing of the past, allowing for speedier recovery times.

The surgeon will make a small pouch at the top of your stomach by dividing the stomach and stapling it. The small pouch is then connected to a piece of the small intestine, at the bottom. When food enters the pouch, it bypasses the main stomach and a large part of the small intestine as it is digested. Because the pouch is so small, patients feel full and cannot eat as much, which means fewer calories, which equals weight loss.

The incisions are stitched are clipped together at the end of the procedure.

What is the recovery time?

You will be allowed to leave hospital in 2- 5 days. In order to give your stomach and digestive system time to heal, you won’t be allowed to eat anything for a few days. Then you will start on a liquid diet before being given the go-ahead for pureed food, and then normal food again.

Patients who have any form of bariatric surgery must be willing to undergo huge lifestyle changes – in the kinds of food they eat, as well as taking up an exercise regime (which will help to build muscle as well as help even further with weight loss.

You will probably need to be in Mexico for around 2 weeks’ after surgery and be prepared to be monitored regularly to ensure blood tests are fine, and there are no problems with your weight loss.

What is the cost of gastric bypass surgery in Mexico compared to the United States and Canada.

The cost of gastric bypass surgery in Mexico costs, on average $7,500 (CAD $9,000; £5,000 GBP, €6,500, AUD $9,500) compared to an average of $24,000 in the United States (CAD $20,000; £15,000 GBP, €21,000, AUD $17,000)How do I book?

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