Liposuction in Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Liposuction in Mexico

Sculpt your body back into shape with liposuction in Mexico. This sought-after procedure is one of the most popular of all the cosmetic surgery procedures to transform your body and remove those unwanted pockets of fat.

Safe and affordable, it is one of the easiest ways to achieve your desired shape anywhere on your body, including stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves, arms and back. It is often done in combination with other cosmetic surgery procedures, such as a tummy tuck.

Why should I get a liposuction in Mexico?

For many from the United States and Canada that come to Mexico for liposuction it is a question of convenience – it doesn’t involve a long-haul flight which is particularly useful if they are short on time.

The cost is another reason to have liposuction in Mexico. Most people generally save between 60 and 70% by traveling here, which is a substantial sum on procedures costing thousands of dollars at home.

Despite the lower medical costs, it has been found that the standard of medical care and the knowledge of health care providers in Mexico has no bearing on the price. Lower prices do not mean lower quality and there are plenty who say that their treatment in Mexico has been superior to the treatment they receive at home. In fact, healthcare in Mexico has been described as excellent.

This doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind and take a chance that the clinic you go to will be trustworthy – you should always research your procedure and your doctor and clinic thoroughly. Unfortunately, there are always charlatans wherever you go in the world all too ready to take your money and provide you with a service that doesn’t meet your expectations. Wise up, and make sure you do all you can to ensure you aren’t going to fall prey to quacks.

Booking through Medical Departures gives you access to quality-checked healthcare professionals and facilities that have already been background-checked by us. We verify qualifications, professional memberships and experience as well as provide high definition clinic photos, virtual tours and real patient reviews to make your job of finding the best doctor easier. Any questions and you can always speak to one of our customer care team who are always available to help.

What’s involved in a liposuction procedure and how long does it take?

There are different liposuction techniques which may be used:

Tumescent liposuction is where anesthetic and drugs is mixed with a saline solution and injected into the fat through small incisions in the problem area. Ultrasound liposuction liquefies the fat with ultrasound before removal. The fat is removed using a suction device.

Most liposuction procedures take around 45 minutes, but it can take up to 3 hours if you are having multiple sites on both sides of your body.

Liposuction Recovery Time

You will usually feel discomfort, rather than pain, after liposuction which could last for several weeks. Immediately after surgery you may leak fluids for a few days, and you will have to wear compression garments for a few weeks. Swelling and bruising will occur, with the bruising lasting for a week to ten days, and the swelling gradually diminishing over three weeks. You will need to take it easy for six weeks, not doing any strenuous exercise. You will be encouraged to walk around soon after surgery.

What is the cost comparison of liposuction in Mexico?

The cost will be dependent upon how many areas you are having treated. As a rough guide, the average cost in Mexico for liposuction per area, for example the upper and lower abdomen, is around $2,000 (CAD $2,500; £1,300 GBP, €1,800, AUD $2,500) compared to an average of $6,000 in the United States (CAD $7,300; £3,800 GBP, €3,000, AUD $7,500)

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