Rhinoplasty in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Rhinoplasty in Bangkok

Last fact-checked: 25 November 2020

Find quality-checked surgeons for rhinoplasty in Bangkok with Medical Departures' verified listings. If you find the expense of a rhinoplasty unaffordable in your home town, read on to learn how you can save up to 60% by having your procedure in Thailand–and treat yourself to a laid-back holiday while you recuperate.

Who Is Rhinoplasty Suitable for?

If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your nose, rhinoplasty can dramatically alter its appearance, giving you the nose you’ve always wanted, as well as boosting your self-confidence.

It is suitable for both men and women, but you should give serious consideration to the pros and cons before embarking on the procedure, as it is not technically reversible. Any change to your nose is likely to alter your look considerably, and it may take some time for your friends and family, as well as yourself, to get used to.

Why Should I Have Rhinoplasty in Bangkok?

Bangkok is a popular destination for cosmetic surgery procedures, both to local and international patients. It has top-notch medical facilities, staffed by skilled, English-speaking clinicians, providing a high degree of professional care.

 And what about the facilities? Thailand’s best healthcare hospitals and clinics are comparable to any you might find in a Western country. Bangkok opened its first purpose-built state-of-the-art hospital to international patients in the 1990s. Fully equipped with the latest technology and medical staff from among the best in the country, satisfied international patients spread the word. Since then, medical tourism has mushroomed and high-quality facilities exist not just in Bangkok, but in the rest of the country as well. Patients continue to visit because they know the standards are high and the services reliable.

So why does it cost so much less than at home?

Quite simply, it is because the cost of living is so much lower. So rent, staff wages, cost of supplies, etc., which have to be factored into the final cost of medical treatment, are less, which means the final cost to you is less.

Booking with Medical Departures

While you will discover many medical facilities in Thailand, we wouldn’t advocate just booking anywhere. Cosmetic surgery is said to be as much an art as it is a science, and it is worth doing your research to learn as much as you can about your procedure, the surgeons and the clinics or hospitals you are thinking of visiting.

Your nose is in the center of your face, and so it is worth spending the time finding out if your surgeon is a specialist in rhinoplasty and nose jobs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: any trustworthy surgeon will be more than happy to address any issues you have to make you feel comfortable. Ask about qualifications and professional memberships.

Medical Departures helps you in your decision-making process by only listing quality-checked surgeons. This means you are assured they are of a certain standard in that we have verified qualifications and professional memberships, as well as making sure there are no legal proceedings or criminal convictions in their backgrounds. We also pay personal visits to the clinics and we publish qualifications, professional memberships and high-definition clinic photos on our website, so that you can see for yourself. We also publish authenticated patient testimonials, which gives you another insight into the reliability of a certain doctor and/or clinic, and is another factor for you to include when making your choice.

How Long Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Take?

Rhinoplasty is not a standard procedure, in that the surgery will be unique to your individual circumstances and desires, and not a series of formulaic steps. The surgery could take around two hours, depending upon the nature of the work you are having done. Your surgeon will be able to advise you in greater detail prior to your treatment.

Regardless, don't make any plans on your day of surgery nor book any vigorous activities for the following week afterward. Best to explore or holiday in Thailand before you have your nose done. 

How Long Is the Recovery Time From Rhinoplasty?

It is important to remember that recovery times vary, depending on the exact nature of your surgery, and of your body’s own healing processes.

After the procedure it is likely your nose will be packed with gauze, which is removed between four and seven days after surgery. You may still have to wear bandages and a splint for between seven and ten days.

You will be swollen, bruised and tender, which will ease gradually day-by-day after surgery. It will be around two weeks before this has eased significantly, and you may want to return to work then. Most normal activities, including gentle exercise, can be resumed after three weeks.

What Is the Cost of Rhinoplasty in Bangkok Compared to Australia or New Zealand?

Rhinoplasty in Bangkok costs on average AUD $3,300. In a developed country such as Australia, for example, it can cost around AUD $8,000.

These prices are average estimates; for exact price breakdowns, as well as a plethora of other useful information including photos, surgeon profiles and real patient reviews, check out three of our most popular partner clinics in Bangkok below:

How Do I Get Started?

Find out more about our quality-checked surgeons and clinics in Bangkok and what they can offer you. Want to book? See below for easy ways to arrange your appointment, or get in touch with Customer Care if you've any questions about rhinoplasty in Bangkok.


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