Jose Luis Gonzalez Luna

Hospiten Hospital, Av. Bonampak Mz 2 Lote 7, S.M. 10, Cancun, Quintana Roo, 77500, MX
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Jose Luis Gonzalez Luna

About Jose Luis Gonzalez Luna

José Luis González Luna is an eye surgeon in Cancun, Mexico since 1996. He is highly respected not only because of his education, experience and training but also his passion in helping people with vision problems.

Dr. Luna is a graduate of Autonomous University of Tamaulipas. He has an extensive experience in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of eye diseases such as:

- Vision defects (astigmatism, myopia, farsightedness and - presbyopia)

- Glaucoma

- Teary eyes

- Blurry vision

- Inflammation or sudden pain in the eyes

- Retinal detachment

- Dry eyes

- Bleeding eyes

- Foreign bodies embedded in the eyes

- Diabetic Retinopathy

The eye surgeon helps patients with vision problems and recommends the best treatment for them. He also helps control and treats chronic diseases that impair vision such as myopia, glaucoma, high blood pressure, diabetes and allergies.

Furthermore, he provides the following services:

- Refraction (children and adults)

- Minor and major eye surgery

- Correction of visual problems using LASIK

- Laser photocoagulation for diabetic retinopathy

- Ultrasound therapy

Dr. Luna is currently working as an ophthalmologist at the Hospital Hospiten. He is also a member of the Mexican Society of Ophthalmologists and the College of Ophthalmologists of Quintana Roo. He is connected with prestigious medical institutions in Mexico and supports fellow ophthalmologists in private clinics.

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Ophthalmology (Vision)
LASIK , 3 - 7 days
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1,150 - 2,300 USD
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Luis Gonzalez

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  • General Surgery
  • Oftalmology
  • Member of the College of Ophthalmologists of Mexico
  • Member Mexican Society of Ophthalmology
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