Breast Enlargement in Philippines

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Enlargement in Philippines

Last fact-checked: 11 December 2019

Are you considering saving money on a long-awaited breast enlargement in the Philippines? Breast enlargement, also known as a "boob job" or breast implants is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures in the world -- and is sought after for various reasons, ranging from breast reconstruction after cancer treatment to simply increasing self-confidence.

Why Undergo a Breast Enlargements in the Philippines?

The cost of medical care is significantly less expensive in the Philippines than it is at home, with savings of up to 70% being possible for a breast enlargement procedure, among others. At our partner clinics and hospitals, the quality of care is as good as you would expect back home, with modern clinics and highly-trained doctors affiliated with international professional organizations, such as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

To help you choose where to have your breast enlargement performed, we constantly update lists on our site with verified, fully-licensed clinics. We conduct site visits to ensure their suitability. Background checks are also carried out to verify qualifications and we post reviews from former patients outlining their experiences -- whether good, average or bad. 

It is particularly cheap to travel when you are in the Philippines and, in recent years, many Aussies, Kiwis and Europeans have taken the opportunity to combine their holiday with medical treatment (although do remember to plan your holiday activities before you go in for any major surgery, like a boob job). With breath-taking beaches catering for all types of watersports, and the picturesque settings of the rainforests and mountain peaks, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

While remaining unique, Filipino culture has a strong Spanish and American influence, which provides some familiarity for tourists. Most Filipinos speak English, so language will not be a barrier, and the hospitality provided locally makes the Philippines the ideal location to recuperate after surgery.

Am I Suitable for a Breast Enlargement Procedure?

There can be several different reasons as to why a woman would consider breast enlargement. These can range from:

  • Post-surgery breast reconstruction
  • Balancing out uneven breast sizes
  • Increase breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Gain a more preferred body image to increase self-confidence

What Does a Breast Enlargement Procedure Entail?

There are two general methods that can be utilised to increase the size of your breasts:

  • Liposuction - this involves removing fat from another part of the body and injecting it into the breasts. This process is known as autologous fat transfer and, while the results achieved are natural-looking, the process is generally only used when a small increase in size is desired.

  • Breast Implants - this is the most common method of achieving breast enlargement. There are several different types of implants, the most common being saline and silicone. Several techniques can be employed for inserting breast implants. Incisions can be made either under the armpit, outside the coloured part of the nipple or underneath the breast. The implant is then inserted into the incision and positioned either under or over the pectoral muscle.

How Long Does a Breast Enlargement Procedure Take?

Breast enlargement procedures generally take, on average, around one to two hours, excluding pre-surgery planning and short recovery time at the clinic or hospital. 

What Is the Recovery Time After a Breast Enlargement Procedure?

After the surgery, you will initially be quite sore, stiff and tender but you can take medicinal pain relief to help alleviate this. Swelling and bruising may well develop in the few days following your procedure but this should subside after about a week. You may also have drainage tubes inserted for a few days to draw fluid away from your wounds.

Usually, taking a week or two of work is sufficient time to recover from a breast enlargement procedure, however, heavy lifting or strenuous exercise is not recommended for at least six weeks.

How Much Can I Save on Breast Enlargement Surgery in the Philippines Compared with Australia and New Zealand?

Prices vary widely depending on the nature of your surgery, but in the Philippines breast enlargement costs, on average, around AUD $4,600 (US $3,200, CAD $4,500, £2,300 GBP, €2,900).

This can be compared to, for example, AUD $16,500 (US $11,500, CAD $16,100, £8,000 GBP, €10,200) in Australia.

Prices vary, depending on which country you go to, but you can usually make savings around 70% in most cases, and sometimes even more. For the latest prices, as well as clinic photos, surgeon profiles, patient reviews and other useful information, check out these three leading clinics in the Philippines for breast enlargement surgery: 

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