Facelift in Philippines

The Ultimate Guide to Facelift in Philippines

Get a facelift in the Philippines and save yourself a fortune. It’s a fact that our body loses its youthful charm with the passage of time and the most obvious signs of aging become visible on our face. Many people around the globe are getting facelifts to overcome the signs of age and revive their juvenile look.

These days the majority of people are conscious about their health and looks in order to enjoy their life to its fullest. Modern science and technology is helping in this regard by providing medicines and medical equipment that play an important role in improving and maintaining the quality of life. A facelift procedure is one of such gifts of medical research which helps people in changing their facial looks according to their desires.

Although most of the patients who opt to get a facelift surgery are men and women who want to look young again, there are younger people who are also getting this treatment to change their looks according to their desires. Such face alteration treatment is often done in conjunction with eyelids and eyebrow treatments.

Why get a Facelift in Philippines?

Apart from the fact that Filipinos are very friendly, the country is overwhelmingly gifted with natural beauty and you can plan to see the beautiful beaches and amazing flora and fauna along with your medical treatment. The country is one of only 17 megadiverse countries in the world and if nature is your thing you are sure to be entranced.

Visiting a developing country to get a medical treatment is already a trend due to convenient packages and a lot of success stories. The Philippines is one such country attracting a great number of patients from other countries where medical treatments are expensive.

Although it may be a developing nation the facilities are modern and high-tech, conforming to international standards on hygiene and safety. As far as medical expertise is concerned there is also no need to worry. Filipino doctors spend many years training, and a good number of them do some form of training overseas too.

At Medical Departures we have researched and maintained a list of superb clinics which are providing impeccable medical services in adherence to the strict international standards of medical treatment. We do background checks that include doctor qualifications and professiona organizations as well as collating real patient reviews. We list these on our website so you can see the information for yourself - and our customer care team is always available to guide you and answer all of your queries regarding your treatment.

What does a Facelift do?

A good facelift treatment is the one which beautifies your face in accordance with your natural features and leaves negligible scars. To achieve this goal, doctors examine skin and bone structure before treatment to plan the procedure.

A good doctor ensures that patients are not suffering from any major disease which may cause post-surgical complications. The patient is advised to keep realistic expectations and prepare for the recovery period.

As the treatment involves changing the bone alignment and tightening the skin, muscles and tissues - the procedure is carried out under the effect of sedatives or general anesthetic. The procedure may include reshaping the jawline, trimming extra skin and removing or adding fats to certain areas of the face.

How long does the Facelift procedure take and what is the recovery time?

A common facelift procedure takes two to four hours. After altering the position of bones and tightening the skin, incisions will be covered with the dressing to ensure safe healing. Usually this dressing is removed within three to four days.

In the first few hours it will be painful to move your face and you’ll feel that your face is swollen however these symptoms will start vanishing within a few days. All you have to do is to adhere with the doctor’s advice to get a speedy and fruitful recovery.

What is the cost of Facelift in Philippines compared to Australia and New Zealand?

You can save more than 50% on the cost of a facelift in the Philippines.

What now?

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