Hair Transplant in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Transplant in Pattaya

Last fact-checked: 5 January 2020

A hair transplant in Pattaya can restore your hair safely and effectively if you currently have a thinning or receding hairline or partial baldness. 

Price-wise, this treatment is out of reach for many people at home, but traveling to an established medical tourism destination, like the Thai seaside city of Pattaya, can save you thousands without having to compromise on quality. 

Hair Transplant: Is it for Me?

From “miracle” shampoos and pills, many people spend a great deal of money on ways to stem on the onset of hair loss— only to come to conclude that a hair transplant is the only real option. Well, that or purchasing a collection of nice hats…

You need to act fast—if you are fully bald a hair transplant will not work simply because there is no hair growing anywhere on your scalp for a transplant.

Hair loss can lead to certain psychological problems as it has a direct impact on your looks. You may suffer from loss of self-esteem and confidence, which can filter down into different areas of your life. For women who suffer thinning hair or bald patches, it can be even more of a problem simply because baldness in men is much more common. 

Why Go to Pattaya for Your Hair Transplant?

With a trip to Pattaya, you can enjoy a holiday (before surgery), recuperate in comfortable surroundings afterwards, and fly home still having saved money compared to undergoing the procedure alone at home. That really is the beauty of medical tourism in a nutshell. 

Pattaya is an extremely popular tourist destination that you may have already considered visiting, especially if Thailand is on your travel bucket list. In fact, with a large expat community living in the wider Chonburi province, you may well be reading this and already be there!

While not as spectacular as the southern Thai islands, the area has some pleasant beaches, historic and cultural sights, tropical gardens, huge malls and a famously eccentric nightlife scene. Plus, it's only a 90-minute drive from Bangkok, making it particularly easy to reach. 

Why Use Medical Departures to Book Your Hair Transplant?

It is very easy to be lured by websites that promise you the moon but fall short when it comes to delivering. There are several horror stories of people booking surgery online through questionable sites only to be left seriously unhappy with their experiences. As such, it makes sense to book through Medical Departures; we have already verified each and every facility listed on our site, including checking surgeon qualifications, equipment and other safety aspects. 

We make sure that clinics and hospitals meet our stringent standards before we partner with them and put their names on our site. We carry out all the investigations and have a system of checks and balances in place so that you have a great experience. This way, you can book worry-free, knowing that you have Medical Departures by your side should you need any support along the way. 

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take and What is the Recovery Period?

There are two basic methods of hair transplant surgery; the one suited for you depends on the results you want to achieve, as well as how much hair you have already lost. A specialist surgeon will be able to advise you about this in detail, but these two methods can be summarised as follows:

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) – involves strips of skin being removed from where hair is growing. These are then cut into smaller pieces and transplanted to where hair growth is needed. This is the more traditional hair transplant method.

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) – for this method, individual hair follicles are transplanted. As this is more tedious and time-consuming, FUE is suitable only for people with thinning hair or those who do not require too much work.

The duration of your surgery will depend on the number of grafts required; it may take between two to eight hours in total. Some people who need more grafts opt for three or more sessions of the surgery at different times.

Your recovery time will be two to three weeks. It’s important to note that your hair grafts will initially fall out, but start to grow back in a few months. You may also need follow-up surgery if the hairline is not satisfactory. 

Always seek advice from your surgeon regarding how long you will need to stay in Thailand, what activities you should avoid, and when you will be able to go back to work. 

How Much Can I Save on a Hair Transplant in Pattaya Compared to Home?

In Australia, you can expect to pay anywhere between AUD 2,000 to AUD 25,000 for hair transplant surgery. This large variation in price is due to the number of hair grafts you actually require. 

In Pattaya, the same procedure costs around AUD 3,500 to AUD 5,500 (per 1000 grafts).

Getting Started

If you are fed with thinning hair or bald patches, contact Medical Departures now to find out more about hair transplants in Pattaya. Our Customer Care Team can be reached via email, online chat or our toll-free numbers.


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