Liposuction in Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide to Liposuction in Malaysia

Liposuction in Malaysia is a great way to remove excess fat from different parts of your body. It may be used as part of body contouring or other cosmetic surgery procedures so that you end up looking better. Or you may have liposuction as a standalone procedure. There are different kinds of liposuction, also called lipoplasty, and these are done by experienced cosmetic surgeons.

Sometimes certain pockets of fat are difficult to dislodge in any way and diet and exercise have their limitations. Using special instruments, the doctor cuts into the skin and, using a liposuction machine, vacuums the fat out of that area. Liposuction can be used to remove fat from particular areas of the body such as love handles or fat bulges or double chin or can be used even on larger parts of the body.

Why undergo liposuction in Malaysia?

Cosmetic surgery procedures are very expensive and insurance does not pay for them. If you get liposuction done in Malaysia you can save a great deal of money and also have a fun holiday in Malaysia. The country is beautiful, a great tourist destination with lots of sightseeing to do. You can enjoy great food, both local and international, a host of shopping options and a vibrant nightlife. You can also afford to go by local taxis that are reasonably priced, though you can also choose to go by bus or monorail if you want.

Though it is a developing country, it has world class doctors, medical facilities and other amenities. Many doctors have completed their medical education in western countries or got some certifications from there. Being a premier tourist destination, most locals speak English. As an Australian, you can simply catch a flight to go to Malaysia as Australian citizens can stay in Malaysia for three months without a visa.

Why you should not book on your own for the procedure?

It would seem very easy to do the booking on your own, particularly if you think you have done adequate research and everything seems above board. But can you be sure the facility has the right credentials; that the surgeon is qualified and has professional memberships? Like other cosmetic surgical procedures, liposuction is not without risk and you really don’t want to take any chances, do you? When you book through Medical Departures, you have a degree of safety since we have a system of checks and balances in place.

We carry out an investigation of the clinics and hospitals we recommend, we check out the qualifications of the doctors and assisting staff, we make sure that the equipment used is modern and we also make sure that you will not have communication problems as the people there will speak English. These factors go a long way in ensuring that you have no difficulties when you book through us.

How long does liposuction take and what is the downtime associated with it?

Obviously, the time taken will depend directly on the amount of fat to be removed. Removing extra fat from a double chin may take less than 15-30 minutes. Taking out large amounts of fat from big areas of the body or complete body contouring will take a few hours. Recovery time too will depend on the procedure. Generally, if you have local anesthesia, you will be able to go home on the same day. If extensive work is done, it is done under general anesthesia and you will stay overnight in hospital. After that you will probably be advised antibiotics and painkiller and may have to wear compression garments.

For minor procedures, you may be able to resume work after a few days. After liposuction on larger areas, you may have to take a week to 10 days off work. Bruising and swelling may take four to six months to completely resolve.

What is the cost of liposuction in Malaysia?

Liposuction is cosmetic surgery and is not covered by medical insurance. You will have to pay for it yourself. The cost in Australia can range from AUD 3,000 to AUD 15,000. In Malaysia you can expect to pay between AUD 1,500 and AUD 4,000. In either country, for minor procedures, the cost will be less.

What now?

If you are sure that liposuction is the answer to your problems, then book now with Medical Departures. We will address your concerns and answer all your queries.

Liposuction in Malaysia will help you get rid of excess fat and a get you a shapelier body.

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