Rhinoplasty in Kuala Lumpur

The Ultimate Guide to Rhinoplasty in Kuala Lumpur

Looking at a Rhinoplasty in Kuala Lumpur is done to improve the appearance of the nose. While it is most often done for cosmetic reasons, it may also be required for medical problems like sleep disturbances, nose disfiguration due to accidents or falls or even congenital defects. Rhinoplasty surgery is an increasingly common popular plastic surgery procedure and costs far less in Kuala Lumpur than it does at home - and with Medical Departures we can help you find a surgeon who specializes in this kind of surgery.

The surgery is one that can reshape the nose as required. The nose job, as it is also called, is used to make the nose

More aligned
Sharper (often used by people of various ethnicities whose nose is flatter or bigger or both)
Reducing the size of the nostrils

When your surgery is done successfully and your nose has completely healed you will find that you feel better about yourself and it is confidence booster.

Why get rhinoplasty done in Kuala Lumpur?

You can easily combine a trip to Kuala Lumpur along with cosmetic surgery; it will still cost you much less that the surgery in Australia. KL is a great holiday spot and is also a popular medical tourism destination. People come from many places because of the superior medical facilities in KL at an affordable rate.

It is advisable to spend a few days in KL and get used to the place and enjoy your holiday before the surgery. You can also recuperate in your hotel for a few days before heading home. You will have some discomfort, but not much pain and you will have to eat soft foods for a few days after surgery. KL has numerous tourist attractions including museums, natural parks and garden, fabulous shopping and eating options. It also has a good climate most of the year round.

Why should you not simply book on your own for nose job surgery?

Cosmetic surgery may be cheaper in Kuala Lumpur, but that does not mean that all clinics are created equal, and not all facilities have affiliations with internationally recognised bodies such as the Joint Commission International. In fact just like in any place, you can have a bad surgical experience if you have not put your homework in place. Since surgery is, in any case a risky procedure, you should minimize your risk as far as possible.

You can do this if you book through Medical Departures. That is because we do the homework for you. We research and investigate the clinics and hospitals thoroughly. We check out the qualifications, accreditations, training and expertise of the doctors in the clinics as well as the other staff, which is equally important. We also conduct post surgery patient interviews to ensure that you get the right treatment and surgery. This saves you time and money.

How much time does rhinoplasty take and what is the recovery period?

Rhinoplasty can take between one and three hours. It really depends on the amount of work required on your nose. It is extremely important that you go for an initial consultation with the surgeon and let him know what you expect. The surgeon will probably be able to show you your face with different nose shapes so that you have an idea of what looks good on your face. The surgery can be done under local or general anesthesia and you may stay overnight in the hospital if necessary.

You will probably have splints, packing and bandages and need to take care of it and go for follow-up visits as required. You will feel better after two to three days, but recovery can take up to three weeks. You should plan on taking two to three weeks off from work, by which time no one will be able to tell that you had nose surgery.

What is the cost of rhinoplasty?

Kuala Lumpur has very reasonable pricing for rhinoplasty. You can pay between AUD 1,000 and AUD 4,000 for your plastic surgery. If you were to get similar surgery done In Australia, you could be out of pocket for between AUD 7,000 and AUD 20,000.

What now?

Go to Kuala Lumpur for a holiday and get your rhinoplasty done at that time. You will still save money. Medical Departures has streamlined the booking process and our customer care team will answer all your queries and address your concerns. Check out below on how best you can get in touch with us.

The rhinoplasty in Kuala Lumpur will help you look your best.

(Image by: Zukiman Mohamad)