Tummy Tuck in Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide to Tummy Tuck in Malaysia

A tummy tuck in Malaysia may tighten your stomach; remove loose and flabby skin and even reduce stretch marks. Abdominoplasty, as it is medically called, is suitable for both men and women, though more women than men have this surgery. It is major surgery so you have to make sure that you really need it and nothing else has helped you get the flat abdomen that you once had.

A tummy tuck will not help you reduce the fat around your abdomen unless you combine it with liposuction to remove the fat. It is used for:

Excess skin or drooping skin – this can happen due to weight loss or post pregnancy.
Loss of muscle tone – childbirth can result in loss of muscle tone.
Better contour – flab around the stomach can make you look pregnant or have a paunch, even if you are otherwise slim.
Removal of stretch marks – if the marks are on the skin that is to be cut (you need to talk to the doctor about this).

People who have had tummy tuck surgery are able to wear swim suits and bikinis confidently, fit into a tight pair of jeans and generally have a slimmer silhouette.

Why have a tummy tuck in Malaysia?

Tummy tuck surgery is expensive and, as an aesthetic surgery that is done to make you look good, is not covered by insurance. It is a long and complex procedure and extremely expensive to pay for. If you live in Australia, you should consider tummy tuck in Malaysia where it is affordable.

Plus you get to visit an exotic country which is known for its natural beauty, its cultural and historic attractions, its nightlife, its shopping and dining options and more. If you have apprehensions about having the surgery abroad, lay them at rest. The doctors and hospitals in Malaysia are excellent. The hospitals are usually multidisciplinary or you can go to a specialized clinic for plastic surgery. Doctors are well qualified and often have at least some accreditations from western institutions. The nursing staff is friendly and will take good care of you.

Why can’t you book on your own for abdominoplasty?

We have a great deal of experience in the medical tourism field. So we only list hospitals and clinics that meet our standards. But before that we check out the places for ourselves, make sure that the doctors are qualified and accredited, that the amenities in the place are right for foreign medical tourists and even we collect real patient reviews. This process means that you have an element of safety when you book through us.

What is the time taken for the surgery and what is the recovery time?

Abdominoplasty can be done in different ways. You can have a partial or mini tummy tuck where only the part below the navel is done. Or you can opt for a major abdominoplasty where the whole abdomen is redone. You can have it with or without liposuction to remove fat deposits. You have to consult with the surgeon as to what is right for you and in line with your expectations. The surgery can take between one and five hours – the more procedures required, the more time it will take. This surgery is usually done under general anesthesia and you will need to spend at least one night in hospital.

For a full tummy tuck you will need to take at least two weeks off from work. You will need to wear compression garments for five to seven days. It can take up to a week before you are able to stand up straight. It may take up to three weeks for you to go back to work. You can estimate about a month to six weeks for recovery though complete recovery will take much longer.

What is the cost of tummy tuck surgery?

In Australia the complete abdominoplasty surgery can cost upwards of AUD 14,000. A mini procedure can cost upwards of AUD 6,000. In Malaysia, the surgery costs a fraction of the price, the average cost ranging from AUD 2,000 and AUD 3,000.

What now?

If a sagging or protruding abdomen bothers you, consider tummy tuck surgery. Medical Departures has a number of clinics who can do the surgery at a great price. Our customer care team is online to answer your questions.

A tummy tuck surgery in Malaysia will give you the taut stomach you always wanted.

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