Phuket Facelift: A guide


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Everyone experiences the effects of aging. Saggy and loose skin, deepening lines, and excess facial fat can severely reduce your beauty. To reverse this consider a facelift at Bangkok Hospital Phuket Aesthetic Center.

What is a Facelift?

This is a surgical procedure that reshapes the lower half of the face to give a more youthful appearance. Loose skin can be tightened, excess fat can be removed, and creases can be eliminated. The procedure is most common among women, but an increasing number of men are turning to it to recreate the fit and energetic look of their younger years. Remember, for both men and women, a sturdy and sharp face, gives a good first impression to everyone you meet.

Wonderful Phuket

Phuket is a tropical island located at the bottom of Thailand. It is an internationally renowned tourist destination, however, its developed infrastructure has also made it an extremely popular medical tourism destination. Phuket ’s beaches and other amenities prove to be the ideal location for anyone wanting to get cosmetic or plastic surgery treatments.


Choose the RIGHT Location!

With so many clinics and hospitals on the island, the decision can be tough to make, when trying to select the best one for a facelift. However, in terms of quality service and an internationally renowned reputation, there is really only one option you should consider for your full facelift and that’s the Bangkok Hospital Phuket Aesthetic center .

This center has the latest in cosmetic technology and the most skilled medical professionals. Every one of their facelift procedures is undertaken with precise skill and care, resulting in a 100% satisfaction rate. Patients regularly tell their friends and family back home about how great it is, as well as posting highly positive reviews online. These factors mean you should have zero doubts about the quality of the Bangkok Hospital Phuket Aesthetic Center.

The Price of a Facelift

Plastic surgery in Thailand is inexpensive compared to some other countries - and the price of a facelift at Bangkok Hospital Phuket Aesthetic Center is very affordable. You will pay significantly less than you would pay back home, resulting in savings that can be put towards an amazing holiday, if desired.

A full facelift costs around $26,000AUD in Australia, compared to about $6,000AUD at Phuket.

A full facelift costs around $28,000NZD in New Zealand, compared to about $6,500NZD in Phuket

This means that savings are around 75-80%. With so many thousands saved your holiday to Phuket is essentially free. You can pay for all your flights, your accommodation, go shopping, enjoy the dining and nightlife, as still have thousands left over. This may seem too good to be true, but be assured that it isn't.

Time to Erase Your Imperfections

A tropical island, quality cosmetic services, and great prices! With so many great reasons to travel to Phuket what is stopping you. It’s time to remove any imperfections on your face by getting a facelift at the Bangkok Hospital Phuket Aesthetic Center. You will be revitalized and confident every time you wake up and gaze in the mirror.

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