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Light-based Hair Removal in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Light-based Hair Removal in Bangkok

Find out about getting rid of unwanted hair with Light Based Hair Removal in Bangkok.

Considered a permanent way of removing hair, it will take a number of treatments to stop each hair coming back, so you must be prepared to attend regular sessions. If you are living in Thailand or visit regularly, then it may be something you want to embark upon.

What is light based hair removal?

The technology uses light waves to weaken hair growth. It may also be known as IPL (intense pulsed light) and it is often confused with laser hair removal because both technologies use light, but laser only uses a single wavelength, compared to IPL which uses multiple.

Am I suitable for Light Based Hair Removal Treatment?

We do advise that you visit an experienced practitioner who will be able to advise you whether IPL is appropriate for you. IPL works by targeting pigment in the hair, and so some hair colors and skin tones are not suitable and some medical conditions, including pregnancy, may be contra-indicated with IPL. Dark hair and pale skin is the ideal combination.

How does Light Based Hair Removal work?

Pigment in the hair absorbs the heat generated by the light waves. Darker colors absorb heat better, which is why the treatment is more effective for dark hair.

Why should I get Light Based Hair Removal in Bangkok?

Thailand is a popular destination for medical tourists looking for discount surgical and medical procedures that are considerably cheaper than at home. However, Thailand’s health, wellness and beauty clinics have also experienced an upsurge in international clientele, who are keen to get the latest treatments for a fraction of the price.

The clinics in Thailand, especially those aimed at international clients, are typically contemporary and modern. They are hygienic and adhere to international safety protocols, such as the ISO’s. Many of these clinics are staffed by highly experienced surgeons, doctors and practitioners and are generally overseen or managed by a medical director who is also a doctor of medicine.

In comparison to Western standards Thailand may still be considered a developing country, but in terms of healthcare facilities for international patients it competes with the best in the world.

At Medical Departures we aim to make choosing a clinic anywhere in the world safe and reliable. All our listings have been background-checked – we confirm qualifications, professional memberships and patient testimonials, as well as doing personal onsite visits – and we have high-definition photos with each listing alongside our findings, so you can make your own informative choices.

What is the procedure for Light Based Hair Removal treatment?

Prior to the treatment starting, you will be given safety glasses to shield your eyes from the light, and you will be given a skin test to check there are no allergic reactions.

The treatment is administered by a practitioner, who lightly touches a hand piece to your skin that emits the light beams. Each flash of light will be accompanied by a sensation of heat. Although some machines spray cooling water to relieve alleviate the hot feeling, the treatment isn’t painful but you may feel tingling, heat and a burning smell.

What is the recovery time after Light Based Hair Removal?

Your skin will be red and hot for a few hours afterwards but this will subside reasonably quickly, with any mild redness disappearing completely after a day or two.

The treated hairs will usually be destroyed immediately and you may notice your skin is smooth and hair-free in those areas for a short time. Hairs grow in different cycles and so there will be newer ones coming through all the time, which is why it is recommended you have multiple regular sessions to clear the treated area completely.

What is the cost of light based hair removal treatment in Bangkok compared to Australia?

Light based hair removal may be costed on areas treated or per session, and you can usually save at least 50% compared to the price in Australia.

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