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The Ultimate Guide to Butt Implants in Costa Rica

Wish you had a celebrity-type butt? Butt implants in Costa Rica can help you achieve this desire for much less than you’d pay at home – and you get to enjoy a holiday in this fascinating country at the same time.

While there are different methods of increasing your butt size, and the Brazilian butt lift is immensely popular, it is not suited to everyone. If you have no excess fat on your body that can be harvested, then you do need butt implants.

Butt implants are usually made of soft silicone and feel and look natural – no one will know you had the surgery. Your plastic surgeon is the right person to guide you as to the size and shape of implants that will balance your body and where they should be placed, as there are different areas that implants can be used in. The doctor will assess your physical condition and advise accordingly.

Why consider butt implants in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is situated in Central America and abuts the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a prime tourist destination and also sees thousands of medical tourists who go there for the reasonable cost of surgeries and medical care. With a largely tropical climate, you can go there any time of the year, though May does get a bit warm.

Because of its unique geography you can choose to go to a beach place or go to a place close to mountains and forests. In Costa Rica there are more than 300 beaches and they are often different from one another. Some of the waters near the beaches are good for swimming whereas others are just right for surfing. Many of the beaches are well developed with luxurious resorts and you can even spend your holiday there. Or you can go to San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica. In fact the city is close to many sites and parks.

Going to Costa Rica means that you get to see amazing biodiversity; it is a premier ecotourism destination thanks to the unique species of plants and wildlife in the region. It has 20 national parks, and eight reserves including Paos Volcano National (a major attraction near San Jose), the Celeste River, Arenal Volcano National Park, Tortuguero National Park, Corcovado National Park and Monteverde Cloud Forest. There are many other volcanoes that are worth a visit.

Apart from San Jose, there are other medical tourism destinations in Costa Rica, including Tibas, Escazu, Santa Ana and Liberia. You can choose a place to go to either due to the lure of natural and other attractions around it or the medical facilities available for your needs.

Why book with Medical Departures?

If you are looking for greater safety, reduced risk and the best price guarantee you should book with Medical Departures.  We always verify the credentials, skill and experience of the doctors at the hospitals and clinics we list on our website. We make sure the facilities are top-notch and that you will not be at any unnecessary risk when you undergo surgery. We also carry out post surgery interviews with the patients.

How long does butt implants surgery take and what is the approximate recovery period?

The doctor has to first make the implant pockets and these are done according to the placement of the implants. The surgery may be done under local or general anesthesia. After making the pockets, the implants are placed and then the skin is sutured. The surgery can take about an hour and a half. For this surgery the sutures are put in the creases where they are not visible.

After the surgery you will be bandaged and may have drains if required. If you have also undergone liposuction at the same time, you may need to wear compression garments. You will have some swelling and bruising and need painkillers. It is important that you keep weight off your butt till healing has completed and you will also need to sleep on your stomach and sit carefully, so that the implants are not affected. You can expect a downtime of two to three weeks, but healing will take longer and final results will only be apparent after around three months.

What is the cost of butt implants in Costa Rica?

In the U.S. you can pay an average of US$11,000 (CAD 16,219, £ 9,950, € 11,133, AUD 15,800, NZD 16,932) for butt implants surgery. In Costa Rica the same surgery will cost significantly less. 

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