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The Ultimate Guide to Chemical Peel in Costa Rica

A Chemical peel in Costa Rica can get rid of wrinkles and lines on your face, making you look younger. If you are planning a holiday, then Costa Rica is an amazing destination, close to the U.S. and Canada, with excellent medical facilities available at reasonable rates.

As a non-surgical treatment, chemical peel gives good results peeling off the layers of skin and along with that removing scars, spots, blemishes and lines that make you look older. As the new skin grows, it is smoother, clearer and glowing.

These peels consist of chemicals (acids) that are applied on the face and left on for a brief time. The peels may reach only the superficial layers of the skin or can go deep. While the superficial peels give temporary results, the deeper peels give relatively longer lasting results.

Why consider a chemical peel in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica attracts thousands of visitors from all over the globe thanks to the lure of its moderate climate, its topography and its eco-tourism. It has developed into a medical tourism hub because the good quality of surgeries and treatments available, English speaking doctors and affordable prices. The country also has three JCI accredited hospitals. For all these reasons, Costa Rica is an attractive destination.

With a year-round tropical climate, you can go pretty much any time of the year. There are many well-developed tourist destinations or you can even go off the beaten track. For instance, Costa Rica has cities like San Jose, Santa Ana, Liberia, Escazu and Tibas, all known for their medical facilities. At the same time many of them are well connected to beaches or mountains and forests and reserves are a short distance away.

Among the beaches in Costa Rica where you can enjoy a variety of sports or simply laze at the beach and enjoy the view are Manuel Antonio Beach at Manuel Antonio National Park, Cahuita Beach at Cahuita National Park, Tamarindo Beach, Montezuma Beach, Playa Junquillal, Conchal Beach and others.

More than beaches are the national parks and forest reserves that offer you an unforgettable eco-tourism experience. With green cover and exotic wildlife and plant species, the national parks in the country attract the most visitors. In fact there are three UNESCO world heritage parks like Cocos Island, Area de Conservación Guanacaste and La Amistad International Park, which have been chosen for their biodiversity.

All these reasons go into adding to the lure of Costa Rica for medical tourism.

Why book with Medical Departures?

Medical Departures offers you many benefits. We have affordable and competitive rates. We always check the doctors working at the hospitals and clinics we list on our website and make sure that they are qualified, experienced and with appropriate credentials. We also corroborate the amenities at the clinics and make sure that they use the latest technology and devices. When you get all these advantages, you should book with Medical Departures. 

How long do chemical peels take and what is the estimated recovery period?

Chemical peels can take as little as half an hour. But this depends entirely on the kind of peel. It is only superficial peels that affect the skin surface that take very little time and require no downtime. Medium peels are somewhat stronger and give better results. Deep peels are the strongest since they are made of strong acids. They take longer, require downtime and need to be done in a surgical setting, under a board certified surgeon.

After these peels you may require some downtime as your skin may be swollen, inflamed and you may even need to take antibiotics or antiviral medicines to prevent any infections as the skin will need a longer time to heal without the topmost protective layer. It is possible that you will have crusts and scabs and, after a deep peel, you may have bandages and need a downtime of two to here weeks. During this time, you do need to keep out of the sun.

Superficial peels can be repeated often, much like a facial. Medium peels can be repeated after every six months to a year. Deep peels can only be done once. Before taking a decision, you need to factor this aspect in.

What is the cost of a chemical peel in Costa Rica compared to the U.S.?

In the U.S getting a chemical peel can cost you an average of US$720 (CAD 965, £590, €662, AUD 945, NZD 1,010). In Costa Rica the cost will be a fraction of this price.

What now?

Go through the listings of quality checked clinics on our site and select one.

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This article is meant for information purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice or instructions for medical diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your doctor or a qualified medical professional before starting or changing medical treatment.

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