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Body Lift in Greater Seoul Area

The Ultimate Guide to Body Lift in Greater Seoul Area

Have you got folds of sagging, loose skin after losing a lot of weight? Get rid of it with a body lift. In Seoul you’ll find plenty of good quality options for this type of surgery – and can save yourself thousands compared to prices at home.

Reveal the slimmer you that’s been hidden away and find out more about body lifts in Seoul with Medical Departures.

Why have a body lift in Seoul?

Seoul is South Korea’s capital city and offers medical tourists excellent facilities in a contemporary environment. Since the Seoul Olympics in 1988, Seoul has blossomed into every inch the modern city with services that every 21st century traveler expects, including a good transport network, exciting dining options, great shopping and the chance to experience a unique and different culture.

It is much in evidence that South Korea embraces the 21st century, while retaining its traditions and cultures. In Seoul, even the cities districts have their own identity with the Gangnam District in particular recognized as being one of the most affluent, dynamic and influential.

It is here where you are likely to see commuter trains with bandaged passengers – a not uncommon sight as a result of the plastic surgery boom. Unlike in other countries where plastic and cosmetic surgery is something to keep quiet about, here it is positively encouraged. The upshot is that because plastic surgery is so popular here, there are lots of experienced doctors and clinics to choose from.

However, while there are a proliferation of clinics in the city, we always advise you do your own research. Plastic surgery is considered to be part art, part science with a good surgeon having an artistic eye for what is aesthetically pleasing, as well as the necessary medical skills. This is why people will often ask of someone who has had plastic surgery who their surgeon was.

We know this isn’t always possible to do when you are having surgery abroad and so we make it easy for you to find quality-checked surgeons for your body lift in Seoul. Medical Departures’ listings have all been pre-checked and we publish qualifications, professional memberships and real patient reviews on our website, making it easier for you to make an informed choice.

How long does a body lift procedure take?

Body lift procedures are as individual as you are and are tailor-made specifically to each patient’s requirements. The procedure can be carried out on the whole body, which may include the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, breasts, chests and back, or it may just be carried out on the lower body to tone the abdominal area.

The procedure takes around 5 hours, but it may be longer if there is a lot of loose tissue to remove.

What is the recovery time for a body lift?

This is major surgery and, potentially, as there are so many different areas of the body that are treated, it will be very uncomfortable during the recovery period. After surgery, you will be encouraged to get up and walk around, no matter how difficult that may feel. Exercise does speed recovery by reducing swelling, and it also reduces the chance of blood clots.

It could be several weeks before the stiffness and soreness has reduced, and it may be around 4 weeks before you feel up to going back to work.

What is the cost of body lift surgery in Seoul compared to Australia and New Zealand?

Body lift surgery in Seoul costs around 50% less than it does in Australia.

What now?

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