4 Reasons to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery in Cebu


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Cebu in the Philippines offers affordable, high-quality cosmetic surgery care and service. Cebu has become a popular destination for cosmetic surgery in recent years for the following reasons:

  1. Inexpensive Cosmetic Surgery Prices

In Cebu, cosmetic surgery costs a fraction of the cost at home as shown in the comparison table below:




$8,262 vs $4,061 Save US $4,203



$10,827vs $5,322 Save AUD 5,505



$12,016 vs $ 5,906 Save NZD 6,110





$11,843 vs $ 3,371 Save US $8,472



$15,520 vs $ 4,418 Save AUD11,102



$17,236 vs $ 4,906 Save NZD12,330

  1. High-Quality Clinics


The clinics recommended by Medical Departures have undergone exhaustive checks to ensure their quality, patient safety and affordability. The most popular in Cebu with Medical Departures patients are:

All these clinics have been subjected to on-site visits and checks on the qualifications and memberships of their doctors. They are all modern facilities with state-of-the-art technology and highly-experienced cosmetic surgeons and staff on board.

  1. A Holiday Destination

Cebu offers a fun-filled island holiday experience . You can watch the whale sharks in Oslob , go on a nature trek in Osmena Peak, or just enjoy the sun and sea in Cebu’s white-sand beaches . Its urban life is also spectacular with buzzing vibrant nightlife for all tastes.

  1. Promotions Make it Cheaper Still

These recommended clinics offer the following promotions to allow you to make your visit even more cost-effective:

No Worries Warranty - AOS Plastic Clinic

No Worries Warranty - Kangnam Junis Cosmetic & Esthetic

All three clinics offer the Remembrance Day 10% discount as well.

Next Steps:

You can improve the appearance of body affordably in Cebu City. Contact Medical Departures Customer Care Center to book your trip today.


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