An Overview of Botox Clinics and Hospitals in the Philippines


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Botox Clinics and Hospitals in Philippines Offer the Best Treatments at the Lowest Prices

During the last decade, the Philippines has become a noteworthy destination for medical tourism. People from countries like Australia and New Zealand travel to the Philippines for affordable cosmetic procedures, such as Botox. There is no dearth of high-quality yet affordable Botox clinics and hospitals in the Philippines. In the following paragraphs, we talk about these clinics and also take a look at medical tourism in the Philippines.

What is the Cost of Botox in the Philippines?

Botox costs vary across the Philippines and there are several factors that determine the price of this treatment. For instance, the number of units affects how much you will be charged. Generally, you require more units to remove deeper wrinkles. In addition, the reputation and experience of the surgeon also come into play in determining the cost of Botox. It also depends on the length of the treatment as well.

Here is a list of the best clinics for Botox in the Philippines and their prices:


The price per unit Botox price will be markedly lower than prices in your country, which is why you should not look for clinics offering the cheapest Botox. Always value quality and reliability over price. With some research, you can find a clinic that offers safe and reliable Botox treatments at reasonable prices.

The clinics listed above not only have the best experts and technologies for cosmetic procedures, but they also maintain strict health and hygiene codes. Not to mention, the staff is very professional and hospitable, offering you the best in patient care.

Why Philippines?

The medical tourism bureau was established in 2006, after which the Philippines government is actively promoting medical tourism in the country. This was a much delayed move on the part of the government, considering that the country is a beautiful tourist spot and has a large pool of qualified medical professionals and hundreds of institutions offering specialized medical education.

Consider the fact that doctors in this country can spend up to ten years in study and training before they can appear for the Philippines Board of Medicine’s medical exams.

This is evident from the fact that the Philippines is a major supplier of health professionals in the global labor market. Conversely, a large number of local medical professionals have been trained in the west. This ensures high standards in healthcare and cosmetic services.

Private hospitals and clinics cater to medical tourists, and these are strictly regulated by the Department of health and undergo periodical inspections.

To sum up, the Philippians is a great place for medical tourism. Botox clinics and hospitals in Philippines allow you to remove wrinkles and beautify your skin at a lower cost without compromising on quality, safety, and hygiene.

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