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Want a Body Lift? Penang is the Best Place to Get One

A body lift gives you a well-toned body that you feel confident walking around in. And since you are enhancing your own beauty, why not get surgery in the beautiful Malaysian state of Penang? Penang is Malaysia’s popular tourist destination, boasting an eastern culture fused with old colonial western architecture and of course, street art. Penang also has a burgeoning medical tourism industry. So if you are considering a body lift, Penang is the place to be.

Why Penang?

Penang is all about art, culture, history, nature, and culinary delights. But it is also part of an emerging medical tourism scene in Malaysia. Ranked by many as the number one medical destination in the world, Malaysia also won the International Medical Travel Journal’s Destination of the Year award in both 2015 and 2016. Moreover, Malaysia was named by the International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index as the country with the best healthcare in the world consecutively for the last 3 years.

Cost of Body Lift in Penang

The average body lift cost in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $36,000 and NZD $37,600 respectively. But you can get the same procedure at an average cost of AUD $2562 and NZD $2677 respectively in Penang.

That means you save more than 90% on surgery costs alone in Penang. Since body lift is an elective procedure, you will have to pay for the surgery out-of-pocket whether you are in Sydney or Penang. So why not travel to Malaysia and avail this unbelievable discount while getting your body in shape? Sounds like a no-brainer.


On a side note, elective procedures in Australia and even in New Zealand come with torturously long waiting times. You have to wait weeks and months on end to get your desired procedure. Your turn will come almost as soon as you arrive at your clinic, and most likely your physical tests will be done on the same day as the surgery, which saves precious time.

Body Lift Clinics in Penang

You can easily find a great body lift clinic in Penang using referrals or body lift review websites. One of the best clinics in this regard is the Amandrey Clinic. This clinic is located in Penang’s Tanjung Bungah region and offers you a host of cosmetic treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. The Amandrey Medispa offers you these treatments in a tranquil spa environment, which offers both privacy and comfort.

This is true of most private medical facilities catering to medical tourists in Penang. They are designed more like resorts than hospitals, stressing both on the medical and the tourist sides of medical tourism!

Such privacy is necessary when you are getting a body-altering procedure like a body lift, after which you also need time to heal without any stress. That is why when it comes to a body lift, Penang is the ideal location.

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