Can I get teardrop breast implants in Penang?


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Can I get teardrop breast implants in Penang?


A teardrop breast implant is a good alternative if a natural, more subtle breast augmentation is your preference.

So, if you need further convincing, here are the reasons why you should have your teardrop breast implants in Penang.

3 Reasons to have your tear drop implants in Penang

1. Quality Clinics

There are a lot of available clinics in Penang that offer quality services and security—but do you know which ones? When you book with Medical Departures, we assure you that the doctors at our clinics are qualified and licensed, and representing only the best.

Some of our recommended clinics are the Leh Clinic and Klinik Loh Surgery , two of the best clinics in Penang offering services for your tear drop breast implants.

2. Unforgettable Holiday Experience

Penang offers a unique experience both outside and inside the city. George Town has UNESCO World Heritage Status. Temples and grand historic structures stand among the ancient-seeming streets of the city. Outside the urban scene, you can enjoy the jungle and botanical gardens Penang has to offer and enjoy the scenic sunsets over Turtle Beach. There’s plenty to keep you occupied before your surgery, and afterwards you can certainly rest and recuperate in this tropical paradise.

3. Inexpensive necessities

In Penang, there really is no worry when it comes to food and accommodation – it’s insanely affordable. And of course, it goes without saying that in Penang, the medical care for your breast implants is more affordable than most, especially if you compare prices to your home country. To verify, see the table below to see the average prices of breast implants.

On average patients will pay 43.5% of the price in:



$ 11,500.00 versus $ 5,000.00: SAVE $ 6,500.00


$ 16,500.00 versus $ 6,490.00: SAVE $ 10,010.00


$ 16,727.00 versus $ 7,273.00: SAVE $ 9,454.00

For accommodation, you can visit us at Medical Departures to find the best, affordable hotels for you to stay in during your medical vacation. Medical Departures offers an exclusive offer for you however with the Save BIG in Penang with Medical Departures' exclusive hotel & transportation packages . Click the link and avail now!

Keep in mind!

  •  Avoid taking medications such as aspirin before the procedure; this can cause excessive bleeding during the surgery. Eat nutritiously and avoid smoking to prevent complications.
  •  The breast implant procedure is a surgical process, involving incisions around the breast area. The incisions may be by the armpit, below the breast fold, or by the areola. When the incisions are made, the implants are inserted and the incisions are closed with sutures of medical adhesive. A local anaesthetic is administered before the process begins.

When it comes to a teardrop breast implants, Penang is the place to have your procedure if you’re looking for the perfect medical tourism holiday. These three reasons should be enough to put some peace in your mind—so book now through Medical Departures and have your natural, subtle breast augmentation!


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